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Will temporarily going low-fat help speed fat loss?



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    Originally posted by turquoisepassion View Post
    Oh god. A 1950's study with n=16. Sounds so ...accurate.

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    More accurate than the 'paleo science' (as opposed to bro science) people vomit on this forum. I showed a study to back up my contribution to this thread... that's more than the rest of you contributed. I like science, that is science, relating personal experience is not science it's bro science.

    I offered a scientific study as a counter, was it a small study? Yes, it was a small study. Don't shit all over it unless you have something to counter it though because the 1950's study with an n=16 trumps your nothing studdy with n=nadda.
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      For just a couple of weeks, barring any current health issues, you could probably do a water-only fast and not do any damage. It's not the preferred way, but humans are pretty much built to handle short periods of deprivation. Lowering fat for a couple of weeks isn't going to hurt. Also, if you eat plenty of lean meat, you'll be getting more fat than you realize - just not as much as when you consciously add fat.
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        There is no theoretical advantage to consuming your energy calories as mostly carbs. But you may find the diet agrees with you enough to be able to stick with it indefinitely, or you may find the opposite is true for you.


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          I'll throw my 2 cents in here.

          First, the "opinion" part: Ignore most of the "dogma" posts you see in here, they aren't all that helpful. People pick an camp here and will just make posts touting that camp's position as if it's the gospel truth when in reality we are all still learning and figuring this stuff out as we go along and it's folly to state most of the things folks are stating as absolute truth.

          I tend to be more interested in hearing people's personal experiences here, what worked, what didn't work ... gives you some data points to go on. Here's some data points from my personal experience:

          I've found Low carb works really really well when I have a good bit of weight to lose. (Take a look at my post in 2010 after dropping ~140 pounds on low carb primal here ) but after I've been doing it a while it isn't all that effective for lowering body fat more. I can maintain around 20% body fat if I stay low carb and can eat a pretty good amount of high fat foods. Although if I let the calorie numbers to get too high, which is easy to do I've found by putting 1/2 a stick of butter in your coffee every morning, I WILL start to see my weight creep up even if I'm staying both primal and low carb. By lowering total calories down (mainly by eliminating BPC) I dropped again but I've not found I'm able to get much below 17% body fat on JUST low carb. You'll see lots of "trying to get rid of those last 10 pounds" posts here from folks and I believe they are in the same situation. I've managed to get myself down to 15% with carb back loading and will continue to do that for a while and let folks know how it goes. It also helps with the heavy lifting I've been doing. My numbers shot up dramatically when I started eating carbs before workouts.

          But what works for one person may not work for another. I'd really suggest you keep trying different things until you find what works best for you. I'd just recommend staying within the basic guidelines of paleo / primal and keep grains / processed foods / sugar out of the equation but play with things like macro ratios, dropping calories, etc. Folks see "low fat" and they freak out here, perhaps thinking that means baked skinless chicken and steamed broccoli every night. Maybe if you said "I'm gonna lower my fat intake to reduce total calories" they wouldn't be harking back to their lean cuisine days. Use one small spoonful of coconut oil to fry up veggies, ditch the butter in coffee, cut out nuts and cheese. This stuff seemed to work for me. Give it a try and let us know how it goes.
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            Hey everyone,

            Thanks for the posts and the advice, I really appreciate it. Sorry for the delayed response, life's been crazy. Ryanmercer, Picklepete, and Kestrel, I found your posts especially helpful, thank you very much. I also appreciate the posts of support and explanations as to why some apparently took my post the wrong way. Jendoe, I did look into protein-sparing modified fast, and you're right, that looks pretty extreme! I'm not quite that desperate just yet, but will use it as a guideline on what I can cut out. Thank you for that.

            Anyway, I've started eating less protein, less oil, and filling the hunger void with vegetables (spinach, kale, napa cabbage, etc). I suppose that means my carb intake may have gone up a tiny bit, but I doubt it's anything significant. Before, I was eating protein with abandon, not because I was trying to bulk up but simply because I will always choose steak over salad every time. I'm now trying to make it more balanced. I'm also trying to eat leaner and greener; not necessarily as dedicated days but just in general until I can shed to my target weight. It does seem to be working, though Thanksgiving did pose a little speedbump.

            Kestrel, your experience is very interesting to me, thank you for sharing it. While I didn't maintain 100% primal eating habits the last year, I did try to eat as primal as possible, and it resulted in a frequent on/off kind of thing. I do kind of wonder if I messed up my body so that it no longer responds to low carb as well as it did when I first began. The other alternative is that maybe I'm also at that point where weight loss will be slow. I'm not sure what my body fat % is right now, but I would estimate it to be in the 15-20% range (I can sort of vaguely see a 4-pack when I flex my abs). Btw, what's BPC?


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