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  • The Food Fight Thread

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    Uhh... Normally I think carb cycling is okay but how you're doing it doesn't sound healthy... O_o entire tray of cupcakes? Binging?

    I ate about 370g carbs yesterday along with 180g protein but that was a deliberate choice because I was lifting. Every food choice I make, I am in control. The other days I eat 100-200g carbs. I am not really cycling carbs but more like cycling calories.

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      Eating natural carbs as opposed to cakes will help - you'll be able to eat more and still feel ok, also they will be more satiating. In some respects I find carbs are a bit like calories - its just as important to be fussy about the type of carbs you eat as the amount, so 200g of carbs form fruits or roots will be far better for your metabolism than 200 from processed food. And you're more likely to be able to go low carb the following day if that's part of your goals
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        The only food fight I have with myself is that I must eat a lot to lift more. I really want to lift more. But if I eat a lot, I start to feel fat. So then I want to eat less so I look good. But then I can't lift more and feel bad.
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