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IF and blood sugar and SIBO



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  • IF and blood sugar and SIBO

    Dear community,
    Sorry, I am a little slow to jump in on the conversation. I have heard the term "intermittent fasting" thrown about but have not been in on the conversation; I dismissed it because of my hypoglycemia and the conventional doctor's advise to not fast and eat small meals five to six days. However, I also have severe malabsorption (my paleo-friendly alternative doctor thinks SIBO) and he suggested trying to fast to give the digestive system a break.

    Is there a good, scientific starter article on IF?

    Has anyone with blood sugar issues tried IF? How did that work? Advice? Suggestions?

    Would y'all suggest fasting to give the digestive system a break? And from what little I have read, there are the full 24 hour fasts and then the eat-it-all-in-6-to-8-hour fasts. Which would you suggest based on experience and reading? (no, not taking this as doctor's advice, but input helps).

    Has anyone tried fasting for SIBO? Positive results?

    I think that is all the questions I have at the present moment. Thank you--I so appreciate a place to go to find input and advice and common experiences.

    Also, my conventional doctors say "eat as much as you possibly can until you feel sick"--I try to cram in 2,500 calories in my starved frame (I meet the qualifications of the wasting starvation disease in Africa and have a smaller BMI than many holocaust survivors, my gut is seriously that messed up and unable to absorb the food I eat) but still can't put on weight. Would cramming in the 2,500 calories during the 6 to 8 hours create more gastric stress? Or would fasting create too much stress on my already stressed body?

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    Holding back for the moment my thoughts on all of that, first, a question: What have you tried for the malabsorption? Are you off wheat, etc?
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      If you're losing weight then IF doesn't sound like the best idea.

      With SIBO, just leaving normal gaps of 4-5 hours between meals can be very helpful.

      The migrating motor complex is what pushes food further down the pipe and into the colon, but apparently it's only really active between digestive periods. If you eat every 2-3 hours, then it never gets a chance to do very much.

      I felt that sticking to regular meal times helped me, anyway.
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        Loafing Cactus, I am on complete paleo, only with a little tiny bit of sweet potato. I am on no dairy and no grains--careful even of the table salt that is coated with dextrose, i.e., corn. My diet is lots of meat, high fat, steamed veggies to help digestion.... I have tried juicing.... I have tried various detoxing, anti-microbial things.... I've tried betaine-HCL, enzymes, probiotics and prebiotics.... I've had nutritonal IVs in the hopes that if we can get more nutrition pumped into me and balances restored the balances then my body could take over, but no go.... I've been to various medical doctors and specialists (rheumotologists, nuerologists, parasitologists, gastroenterologists....) and various alternative doctors. It is only God in Jesus Christ that is sustaining me alive. The doctors are amazed.

        Poing, thanks for the input.