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Opinions on 14 day RAW VEGAN detox??



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    Originally posted by cindy01 View Post
    Mainly insulin resistance and reactive hypoglycemia issues. To add to the list; brain fog, low energy, lack of productivity, constipation, poor concentration, short attention span, high abdominal fat and blurry vision.
    It sounds to me like you have a slow metabolism and should look into supporting your thyroid and adrenals. Doing a 2 week restrictive cleanse will probably only make this worse. If you want to do a raw vegan or juice diet for awhile that might be okay as long as you don't restrict your calories and don't ignore strong cravings (like a need for some animal protein, starch or more fat). Also, don't forget to keep salt in your diet. Going raw vegan can easily mean that you don't eat any or many foods that are salted, so you may find adding salt to your water is helpful (as much as you can without tasting it). I started having terrible heart palpitations when doing this and as soon as I added salted water it went away.
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