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Please tell me if I'm on to something here (milk)



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    Originally posted by Eureka5280 View Post
    I have very similar symptoms to you, mucous in the throat and sinus issues when I eat a lot of dairy. I've heard that some casein intolerance can be due to a leaky or damaged gut, so avoiding gluten for a few months may help.

    I don't seem to have problems with occasional greek yogurt and hard cheeses, but if I try to do whey protein or cottage cheese on a daily basis I end up feeling like I have a sinus infection within about a week or two. It always goes away when I drop the dairy for a few days.

    I'm going to drop all dairy and gluten for a month and then see if I can at least reintroduce cheese and yogurt. If no issues there I will try the higher casein content foods again and see how it goes. It would be a shame to have to avoid such a cheap source of quality protein.
    I'm potentially going to be very thankful for this topic and posts like these in a few days...

    Had chronic runny nose/rhinitus when I was regularly consuming milk. Dropped the milk through paleo, my symptoms disappeared. Suspect it was the milk.

    Came to Singapore. Started having a runny nose at some point. Then started eating whey powder for breakfast. Runny nose continued for weeks. Couldn't figure it out since the problem started before the whey powder. Saw this thread and started to wonder. Now I'm thinking/hoping that I just had a cold, and the whey continued the symptoms. I've dropped the whey yesterday and I'm hoping the symptoms will go. - Gaming, Food Reviews and Life in Singapore


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      I think this connection between dairy (milk) and sinus/whole body inflammation is a revelation. Please...more posts by people who have had this realization and done something about may help another person more than you can imagine!


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        Using yourself as a "lab rat" is the only way to see if you for sure have an issue and it looks like you certainly do! Keep it up and in a few weeks reintroduce it and see if your symptoms return! I know that I have dairy issues, so I ditch them completely. Now if you do want protein shakes, go for the vegan ones! Sun Warrior, Warrior Blend ROCKS my socks off!