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  • Organic Soy Free Eggs

    I usually buy my eggs from my local farm, but since it is getting cold her chickens aren't laying as much and by the time I can get out there her eggs are sold out. I currently get them for $4.00 a dozen from her. I was looking on the tropical traditions site and they sell soy free eggs. They equal out to a couple dollars more a dozen than I pay now. Are these worth the extra cost or is there something better to get me through winter?

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    I just visited the site, and while it looks/sounds very cool, I can't get behind $8+ per dozen eggs.

    Have you tried calling your local farmer and see if she'd be willing to set aside a dozen or two for you if you were to set up a payment schedule, etc. You never know unless you ask. If this isn't possible, then If I were you, I'd just do the best I can during the winter and eagerly await the spring.
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      I eat 4 eggs every morning. So at $8.00 per dozen, that's around $2.70 per day. Add in a couple slices of pastured bacon, butter and a cup of coffee and its still cheaper than hitting up the drive thru every morning for breakfast. But, yeah I hear you about the price. That's why I was asking if its really worth it if I can't get a hold of some eggs from my farmer.


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        Honestly, most farms would love a standing weekly order, especially if you can pre-pay for the winter/ a while. Cash in hand, and all that, but if they are selling out anyways, they might not want to.