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    When adding fat to your food, what do you prefer? I usually buy fatty cuts of beef, but even in a chuck roast, the fat content is half compared to the protein. I like my fat to come from animals, so I cut some suet up and put it in the pan Im roasting chuck in. Anyone else do this, or do a lot of you just put coconut oil on things?

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    Lately I have been using lard a good bit. I also use coconut oil for things that I don't mind tasting like coconut. I use olive oil for salad dressings. And a little bit of butter as a topping or for making sauces. I guess I don't have a preferred fat, haha. I was using tallow the same way as I am using lard now, but I ran out. I definitely prefer the more saturated fats overall.

    I generally don't add fat to a dish just for the sake of adding fat. It's more to grease the pan or promote more even heat distribution/browning. If I feel like I need to eat more fat, I usually drink some coconut milk or just eat more fatty meat/eggs. Or eat some coconut flakes/chocolate.


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      I buy rendered duck fat, beef tallow and leaf lard from Fatworks. All from pastured animals. They are local here in Portland, but they ship all over. My other cooking fat is homemade ghee.

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        i don't add fat for the sake of fat, but cook with butter, olive oil, coconut oil, duck fat (when i have it) and bacon fat.

        i do eat plenty of naturally fatty foods like red meat, eggs, salmon, yogurt, etc.
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          The added fat I prefer is chocolate.
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            At the moment watching my macros and is easiest to use lean meats and use added fat.
            My fats I add are:
            Butter , ghee , coconut oil, avocado oil, macadamia oil, mct oil, duck fat & wagyu beef fat. I rotate these daily .

            & to hit the last little numbers some 85%-95% lindt & nut butters but try to limit them amap

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              I make my own tallow, that's #1. Next comes bacon and bacon fat which I save and reuse. Then duck lard, sometimes butter. I was putting coconut oil on everything until I saw my LDL skyrocket.
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                Beef fat is superior to lard in terms of less pufas it's called dripping in the uk and is inexpensive. I cook eggs in butter as the pan temperature doesn't go too high and create nasty carcinogens. Olive oil is ok on a salad but I don't heat it. Coconut oiol makes everything taste of coconut ( UK joke...said in geordie accent "Well it's bountee")
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                  I use coconut oil for cooking at higher temps, but would like to get my mitts on some grass-fed beef tallow.

                  For lower-temp cooking (especially eggs), I use butter. I also use butter to add fat when I'm eating leaner cuts of meat, and on cooked vegetables.

                  Olive oil also gets drizzled on cooked meat and veg, or into marinara sauce or a bowl of soup. I don't cook with it.

                  I just cooked a duck, and the reserved fat will get used for something tasty, but it's not something I have on hand to use very often.

                  And maybe this makes me a freak, but I'm not much of a bacon-eater, so I never have bacon fat on hand. If I do cook bacon, I immediately cook eggs in the fat, and it's gone.

                  And then there's heavy whipping cream, which I add to cold, leftover coffee with a tiny amount of sweetener once or twice a week, as a treat. Straight-up fat, right there.


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                      I have grass fed butter and virgin coconut oil on hand all the time, so they're used the most for cooking. Unlike a lot of people, I like the hint of coconut taste with almost everything.

                      I occasionally have bacon fat in the frig, but it has a strong taste that I don't prefer with a lot of foods. I had a good bit of lamb tallow from when I bought a whole pastured lamb, but my family loves that with nearly everything, so it didn't last long. (Kind of odd, actually, they find bacon fat a bit overwhelming, but don't bat an eye at the taste of lamb fat.) At the moment I have about 2 cups of pasture-raised, heritage turkey schmaltz in the frig that I'll be using whenever I can. I also have 20 lbs of fatty, grass-fed beef cuts in the freezer that I'll be trimming fat from as I cook it, so come February or so, I'll have some beef tallow as well.

                      As far as macros, I'm happy with 50% fat, so I rarely need to add extra fat beyond what works for a tasty meal. I have a much harder time getting protein above 25%.
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                        Grass fed butter

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