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Blood Sugar in the low 60s - how low is too low?



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  • Blood Sugar in the low 60s - how low is too low?

    I was complaining of a headache while visiting a family member today. As she was checking her blood sugar levels, she offered to check mine. My headache was nothing bad, just enough to feel the presence over and behind my left eye, but not bad enough to seek out the aspirin/ibuprofen and the things I try to avoid. And while it seems like a pain with all of the little parts to manage, I did get my finger poked and got the machine to take a reading.

    The result was 64mg/dL.

    This seems low to me, especially after a really good meal? I wonder if it could have been causing the headache. This was 1.5 hours after a heaping plate chicken, broccoli, green beans, and about a golf ball sized amount buttery potato. I'm wondering if I should be worried. Does anybody else regularly check their glucose levels? Is this normal while primal?

    For background, my typical fasting glucose levels have been between 89 and 95 when a fat blob. And the life insurance test I while about a week into primal living came back at 67 after a 13 hour fast.

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    The typical between meal level for a normal person is between 80 and 85.

    It is hard to say whether you should be worried. It can be nothing- normal variation or an exaggerated response to eating (reactive hypoglycemia), though usually you need to get your blood sugar very high to get the reaction. (I have reactive hypoglycemia.)

    Low blood sugar can be a marker of serious disease- some tumors put out hormones that increase insulin and drive down blood sugar. I don't know when your first 67 test was- if it was years ago I wouldn't worry. If it was very recently, I might check in with your doctor and just let them know and see if they think it is off track for what your trend has been over the years in correlation with your lifestyle.
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      You could consider picking up a BG tester and seeing where "normal" is for you. Test when you wake up. Test before eating, 1 hour after eating and 2 hours after eating. With some good data your doctor may be able to give you some direction.
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