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Unraveling insulin resistance - anyone hear of or try this?



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    Insulin "resistance" is really not the right term for what is happening. Non of our cells differ in their response to insulin, insulin doesn't get resisted.

    Insulin resistance is simply a delay in the release of insulin from whence the body detects that insulin needs to be released. Once the pancreas finally gets around to releasing insulin the body's cells behave normally in its presence.

    this is my own belief of what causes this delay effect that can be seen in EVERY IR and NIDDM afflicted human. It is fact that the release of glucagon from the pancreas "primes" the beta cells for when it is their turn to release insulin and vice versa. It has been noted that a beta cell that is asked to release insulin again after it has released insulin already takes longer to react and takes longer to reach peak insulin, verses one that had a "rest" while glucagon was being released. See pancreatic alpha and beta cells are Paracrine, meaning they can "talk" to each other directly, verses the majority of the bodies cells which are Endocrine, meaning they have to use hormonal signals to "talk" even if they are in close proximity. Due to this a beta cell exists only in the context of its neighboring cells that can directly talk to it. If our bodies are "glucagon deficient" as Laz mentions most SAD dieters are, then these beta cells aren't getting much signal from their alpha cell counterparts. Over time they slowly lose their "prime" and the gradual worsening onset of IR into Diabetes type 2 ensues (ie the progressively longer insulin release reaction times).

    To further theory monger....

    I believe the (this is an analogy) tip of the blood glucose detector probe that sits constantly in our blood stream burns off from the high constant BG levels, this leads to less and less fidelity when detecting blood glucose. meaning our BG might have to reach higher and higher levels before our bodies finally engage the insulin response.
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