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Prepping for an ice storm



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  • Prepping for an ice storm

    Well it currently looks like we may get a significant ice storm this weekend, which if true, will result in a loss of power. Any suggestions for food to have on hand that doesn't require cooking or to be heated up?

    I can cook ahead of the storm and we can keep the food relatively cold, but no other way to heat the food (everything is electric in our house and no generator or outside grill, etc)

    And no fish related foods -- I'd eat tuna from the can but that is it (no to sardines and the like -- just ick). I also haven't mustered up the will to eat red meat yet -- my goal for 2014 is to try to incorporate grass-fed beef into my diet but no time for that now (Gave it up 30 yrs ago and still trying to wrap my brain around eating it now...but that's another post)


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    I just bought some Brisling Sardines in mustard, they don't taste anything like sardines - might overcome the ick factor.
    Hardboiled eggs will keep a long time, let them cool covered either in the boiled water or dry, that way they don't draw in unclean tap water that most people use to cool them down.
    Jerky from other proteins if you don't do red meat.
    Canned pacific shrimp.


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      Prepping for an ice storm

      dried fruits, fresh fruits, hunks of cheese, kefir/yogurt, cottage cheese, cooked sweet & white potatoes, hardboiled eggs (as stated above), carrots, macadamia nuts (in moderation), coconut chips (tj's has them in coconut oil if you have a tj's), coconut milk, turkey/pork jerky (set oven to 150-200F, cook until dry), tomatoes/other veggies you like raw...

      I would personally also prepare a big batch of gelatin foods: milk jello, gummies, etc. Since you don't eat red meat (the most nutritious form of meat) and most fish is out of the question, you should look into gelatin as a protein source. Supports connective tissue growth, doesn't have the "ick" factor some previous vegans/vegetarians associate with meat and extremely easy to slip into existing recipes (stews, soups, coffee, etc if you get the hydrolyzed).
      HCLF: lean red meat, eggs, low-fat dairy, bone broth/gelatin, fruits, seafood, liver, small amount of starch (oatmeal, white rice, potatoes, carrots), small amount of saturated fat (butter/ghee/coconut/dark chocolate/cheese).

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        Well, you can of course grill tons of meat and than let it cool. Most meats are perfectly edible cold. (roast beef, chicken, etc.)
        And with a ice storm coming you don't have to worry about keeping things cooled. you can eother place it in a cool box or just otherside.

        do you have a fire place that fuels on wood. If so make skewers with meat. Like sate sticks and just think you are making smoors... what you used to do with Marshmellows can easily be done with meat it just takes a little longer.
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