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Primal Pyramid Perplexities



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  • Primal Pyramid Perplexities

    Food pyramids tend to be based on number of servings--at least the ones I've seen. The Primal Pyramid, however, shows more meat than vegies. Yet, vegies are to take up at least half the plate--take the Big Ass Salad.

    If this pyramid is based on calories or grams (terribly inconvenient for those like me that don't know this without looking it up for each food), then the more meat than vegies makes sense, but the more calories or grams from meat than fat (higher on the pyramid) doesn't jive with the ratios I've seen in 21 Day Total Body Transformation or on posts.

    I found a post by Mark on this pyramid, but frankly, it just doesn't make sense to me--for the reasons mentioned above.

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    What doesn't make sense? The bigger sections "eat more of this" the smaller sections "eat less of this"
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      Maybe this will help? Low Carb Sample Menu | Mark's Daily Apple
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        Several members here mentioned something like:
        25/75 animal/plant by mass
        75/25 animal/plant by energy

        I wouldn't fuss over it, if you're choosing the right ones they'll be self-regulating

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          The pyramid is a guideline. Don't sweat the small stuff. Focus on good meat as the center of each meal and build around it with other primal foods. Thats all.


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            Must be the engineering mind of mine. Thanks everyone.