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  • Originally posted by Scott F View Post
    It's not that easy for them, Choco. If I spayed a female dog she's going to get fat. If I neuter a male dog he won't get fat.
    Not meaning to argue, and I didnt read this all.... but... just my own experience regarding dogs... I have 2 female spayed dogs. Neither got fat. One has been spayed for 5 years, as soon as she was old enough. The other was already getting up there, about age 8 maybe when I finally had her spayed. That has been several years ago. She is a house dog but I got tired of all the neighbor dogs coming from miles away and scratching at my door.

    Anyways.... my friends/family have dogs that are spayed and some are neutered - and both get fat. I think one difference is that I feed mine grain free. I give them some things like whey off my homemade greek yogurt. Bone broth. They love eggs, salmon, sweet potatoes, though i don't give them alot of table scraps but when I do, it is good stuff - nothing processed. The older little dog use to lose all her hair also, and itchy skin until we went grain free.

    Both are pretty active. We live in the country so when they go outside, they go exploring. They do trail rides with us and keep up, anywhere from 1 - 4 hours though I did get a carry pouch for my little dog for those times we go on the longer rides and/or we cross the big creek.

    Then there's my son's dog that was neutered. He is 10 months old, and one big 90lb chunk of muscle. He eats the same dog food as the girls. However my brother's city dog, he just got fat fat fat. His activity consists of going outside to do his business then right back inside to plop down on his bed.

    Just an observation.
    65lbs gone and counting!!

    Fat 2 Fit - One Woman's Journey


    • Gee, maybe we don't all wish we were young guys and don't aspire to that, even if ChocoTaco can't iimagine women, older women in particular, not wanting to be young guys.