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Monday CRASH!!!



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  • Monday CRASH!!!

    I have been doing Paleo for almost 2 years now and notice that Mondays are hard for me. As way of background, i eat strict paleo Monday-Friday. Basically bulletproof coffee in the morning, meat and vegatables for lunch. almonds or smoked salmon at mid afternoon and usually beef or pork with vegatables and sometimes a sweet potatoe for dinner. On the weekends i loosen things up a bit but not crazy. I will definately eat more carbs and more calories. I only drink alcohol on weekend nights as well. Usually a couple glasses of wine or whiskey and water.

    I have noticed that on Mondays midday i get a severe case of "brain fog" and fatigue. Almost like when i did my first 30 day challenge and had "carb flu". Usually clears up by mid week.

    Anyone else experience this? I am guessing it is my body responding to the decrease in carbs and calories after the weekend.


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    i'd guess it's the alcohol. perhaps a lack of sleep/break in your routine as well


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      Originally posted by not on the rug View Post
      i'd guess it's the alcohol.
      I second that thought.
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