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    Hey everyone. I had my first baby 3 months ago. She's exclusively breast fed from my wife. I'm excited to start her on some solids in a few months. I figured sweet potato's, some greens, a little bit of fruit and some pureed meat. Any tips out there for other foods?

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    No baby here, but some friends of mine recently did "baby led weaning" and it was really awesome to see how great their daughter did. No pureed foods, cereals, or jarred foods. You may want to check it out
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      Sounds good. After weaning the nutrient needs of a kid are more or less the same as an adult--the major difference is chewing and swallowing hazards. A steamer or slow cooker can turn almost anything into baby food.

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        soft fruits are great. Banana's always work as you can make a puree out of them.
        I know my best friend used to get the peal and seed from grapes and only give the fleshy stuff.
        She also got her kids to eat what ever she was eating by not seasoning the food too much and put it all in a blender.
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          Welcome, and congratulations. We fed both of my kids real food when they were babies (they are 5 and 3 now). It was so easy. Just steam some vegetables or cook some meat. Use food processor. Done. We bought some little plastic containers and put them in the freezer after we made up a week's worth of food on the weekends. I am so glad that we didn't do jar baby food. We had to one time during a road trip where we didn't have access to a refrigerator. I felt bad giving it to them after I opened the jars. That junk smelled so nasty.

          Anyway, they ate sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots, apples, pears. Once we started introducing meats, we would combine meat and fruit (chicken and pears, ham and apples). Best wishes with your little one.


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            Wassail and congrats on the new life sucking parasite. welcome to the club. I feed my kid as I feed meself, fruit, veggies in chunks she cant choke on easily. lots of eggs and butter, sweet potato with butter, pieces of meat in pinkie sized chunks she can hang on to and nom. I also blend up anything I am making for everybody and spoon feed her so she eats mostly solid food and a little breast milk now at 11 months.

            Thora eats a lot and is active bright and lean though she gets the sniffles a lot. The doc has no issues with her diet though he tried to argue with me that the baby "needed" grains. I asked him to show me what nutrients she was not getting from her diet that she would get from grains. He could not find anything but carbs missing and she clearly did not lack for those.

            This AM she is having green scrambled eggs and ham fried in butter and a gooey mess also known as a banana.
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              Congratulations on your baby.

              We exclusively and extended breast fed our son, and also did Baby-led weaning.

              There's no need to 'start solids' until the baby starts solids. It's a great method. Our son eats a lot of diverse foods (including "weird" ones such as sushi, brussels sprouts, etc). He's 5 now, and the size of an average 7 yr old (height/weight). He's always been a "gentle giant."


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                Bones with a little meat are great for teething. Our son loved gnawing on rack of lamb bones. There wasn't that much meat on the bone but he clearly loved the flavor and I'm sure it felt good on his gums.
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                  I'd recommend letting her continue to breast feed for the first whole year even if you introduce foods at the 6-9 month range with an eye toward baby led weening. Personally we did exclusive breast feeding for the first whole year. Here is a bit of info on the baby led weening though!

                  Baby Led Weaning - The Mush Stops Here!

                  Oh, and congrats!
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