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    Another vote for the loss of Mag and Potassium via water shedding from the lack of carbs. Try adding some trace drops to your water.


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      How many carbs are in these cooked veggies? "Lo-carb" doesn't mean no-carb. People start having problems when they go below ~30g carb/day. Looks like you went too low too fast.

      lotus berries, may I ask what your carbs levels were/are?
      5'0" female, 45 years old. Started Primal October 31, 2011, at a skinny fat 111.5 lbs. Low weight: 99.5 lb on a fast. Gained back to 115(!) on SAD chocolate, potato chips, and stress. Currently 111.


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        Originally posted by oxide View Post
        lotus berries, may I ask what your carbs levels were/are?
        They were around 80-150g, most of the time closer to 100g I'd say. I did try lower than 50g for a short while but I was pretty miserable and had no energy. Now I'm eating 200-300g and I'm very happy, heart is being completely normal, sleeping well, not bingeing, and losing weight again. I have also been taking magnesium every night for the last year or more, and even when eating lower carb my heart would pound at night.


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          Hi. Thanks for all the responses and the votes

          Before I started Keto I did have blood sugar problems especially my fasting. My mineral/vit supplementation was aleady good, and I had bettered my diet throughout the year, but I felt my diet was still hindering me. So here I am !

          Thanks Chopped Liver, it does sound more like I had VLC (what does that stand for ?) /keto side effects. I went too fast and probably more importantly was not eating enough veggie carbs and not eating more frequently, like they say you should in the beginning. But I didn't know all of this, never read it anywhere. Thanks Oxide.

          My blood sugar was normal during this too, and I did feel dehydrated, especially, when I'd have an 'episode.' I would run for water with a pinch of sea salt! But it really wasn't until I took the Magnesium that it went all away, every symptom, and I've been perfectly fine ever since !!!

          So, Im thinking it was a combo of all these things, and especially dehydration. Thanks to those who voted for dehydration. Thanks Bobert.

          So Chopped Liver, you think the Keto diet is too extreme? What other problems do you see with the diet aside from these we've discussed? Knifegill, you are no longer on Keto ? If so, why ?

          I have been eating a rice cracker with butter and cheese before bed ! It seems to be working. I sleep all through the night. I am pinching myself because I've had insomnia for several years. This to me is the best thing I've experienced so far.

          I would like to incorporate some carbs back if they are safe and don't spike my bs (blood sugar ). I think I saw a topic about that here several days ago on this forum, and will see what that is all about. I think that taking back a small amount, is not going to undo the diet, but will see.

          So how are you guys counting your carb calories? Are you using some kind of counter ?

          Glad you are feeling better and your diet is working for you, Lotusberries. Maybe some people need more carbs or can tolerate more carbs than other people. I guess we have to find our niche.

          Thank you again everyone for your input !
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