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I'm Tweaking; How about you?



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  • I'm Tweaking; How about you?

    So, I decided to pop my numbers into chronometer and see what my day looks like. I think my measurements are wrong, because it says I'm only getting just under 800 calories per day, and that can't be right.

    Here's my day:

    Green juice and two eggs -- green juice is kale, cilantro, parsley, cucumber, celery, ginger, and lemon (or lime) -- I have a 1-1.5 cups total, and I"m not sure how this worked out in the system. I usually have 2 hard boiled eggs.

    snack -- 1 med pink grapefruit!

    Dinner -- BAS with mixed organic greens, 1/2 avocado, 1 sm tomato, 1/2 bell pepper, 1/2 telegraph cucumber, and 1/2 tbsp of Udo's 3/6/9 blend; baked atlantic cod -- about 3-4 oz with lime squeezed over it.

    My numbers are coming out at way under my needs (according to chronometer). Around 800 calories, 35% carbohydrate (70 g) , 32.6% (29.3 g) fats, 32.4% (64.3g) protein.

    I've been rather sedentary lately due to the holidays. (lots of car rides, sitting around, long sleeps). I think I'm struggling a bit with situational depression, too -- so I'm going to look into that.

    I think that I definitely need to increase my caloric intake -- by a lot -- particularly as I increase my activity levels. I currently basically just do my 40 minutes of (gentle) yoga each day. Next week, we'll start hiking after picking up DS from school (1 hr/day), and I'm also starting kettle bell training now that my shoulder is in good shape -- something I've wanted to do for over a year!!!! I'm excited to start it.

    What I know is that I'll need more calories, and I am looking at getting all of those calories from raw fruits and veggies -- either whole or in juice.

    This will mean, of course, having a whole lot of a given fruit or veggie -- which is why I'm looking at juicing a fair amount of it as it gets the calories 'in.'

    This might push my diet to 811v or something. LOL

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    Ha! I've gone in the opposite direction. Was doing 70-100 gm carbs and Have now moved into ketosis for the last 2 months. Am just now feeling keto-adapted and really fabulous!

    Eating almost no veggies, lots of fat from my meat, eggs and dairy. Eating more seafood and offal to compensate for the lack of veggies.

    Probably 80% fat, 15% protein and 5% carbs.

    Have been inspired by Peter at Hyperlipid, Anna at LifeExtension and Dr. Ede.

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      Sounds like a lot of low calorie vegatable fiber filler and almost no meat, fat, or even very much carbohydrate. I don't know what Udo 3/6/9 blend is, but half a tablespoon of anything is basically irrelevant. Discounting all of the juice, fruit, and vegetables (which is very low in energy), your food for a day basically consists of half an avocado, 2 eggs, and a very small piece of lean fish. Put another way, you only had a glass of juice, a piece of fruit, and a salad all day. I don't track calories so I can't really say if the estimate of 800 is right, but this sounds like a borderline starvation diet.

      If you want to eat more, I recommend fatty animal meat, butter, fatty coconut products, or even "safe starches" like sweet potatoes or rice. Getting the majority of your energy intake from raw fruit and juice doesn't sound very primal to me. If you are tying to follow more of a raw vegan inspired diet (with tiny amounts of egg and fish?), this probably isn't the most useful place to ask for how to advice. I guess if you wanted to you could chug huge amounts of sugary fruit juice in an attempt to consume more calories, but that sounds horribly unhealthy and isn't something I could recomend.

      Consume food, not the fluid squeezed out of leafy vegatables. All those plant based nutrients are useless without fat to help absorb them.


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        I agree that cronometer is probably correct. And that seems like very little food. I use it too and my green juice which is about 1 1/2 - 2 cups is 150 cals and I use carrots and tomatoes in mine. Might up your calories a bit. Unless you are an extremely tiny person it sounds like you really need to eat more. Do you maintain weight eating like that??

        On the plus side my one juice provides me with 23% of my daily nutritional targets!!


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          Why are you eating so little? It sounds way too rigid to me.
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            What about lunch? I didn't see you mention that. Maybe you don't eat it or maybe you didn't calculate it? I'm not saying you have to eat lunch, just that midday may be a good spot to eat more food - cause that's definitely what you need to do! :-)


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              My main concern would be adaptability. While 800 cal/day would be okay for the short run, I wouldn't want my body to adapt to that and make adding more calories something that leads to weight gain.

              To each her own of course, but I'd be adding some ruminants, liver, and oily fish. Your ratios look PHD perfect, so you could also just eat what you're eating now, but increase everything by amount.

              ETA: most of my tweaking will be exercise.
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                I have the same problem with under eating if I "follow my hunger." I think I messed up my body with too much low calorie dieting in my teens. I'm sort of tall and a little active, but I would be eating your meals in addition to a pound of meat for dinner (I'm also female).

                The thing with eating so little is your body decreases your energy out to make up for it. I much prefer the higher energy to constantly feeling tired like I do if I under eat, and maybe the appropriate calories/energy allows my body function as it should.

                I also second Joanie's suggestion of nutrient dense red meat, offal, and fish. Lots of important vitamins and other good things you're missing out there. Don't feel the need to be afraid of fat so long as you're not drinking it, and think about your sugars (unwhole fruits/juices) much the same.


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                  I really see no need to....


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                      Am I the only one that misread this thread as 'I'm Twerking, how about you?'?
                      Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

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                        Originally posted by magicmerl View Post
                        Am I the only one that misread this thread as 'I'm Twerking, how about you?'?
                        Wishful thinking.
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                          I apparently didn't explain myself well.

                          First, I'm not trying to, nor do I want to maintain an 800 calorie diet. I just plunked in what I happened to eat yesterday, and that's what chronometer told me. But, I didn't measure everything just so -- so I don't think that the numbers are 100% accurate. For example, I put in 4 oz of fish, but DH assures me that it was 6 oz.

                          I do know that I am under eating due to situational depression and lack of activity overall. But, I also don't feel hungry, so that's a part of it. Well, I'm hungry right now, and DH is making dinner.

                          Second, I was just checking my baseline and how that was there (PHD style), and also to go higher carbohydrate.

                          I'm not afraid of anything. I know that some of you don't recognize me from where-ever, but I've been primal for a few years now and I know the conventional wisdom of it. I understand how it works, too.

                          Third, I was giving an example of yesterday -- not what I'm eating every day. Well, I eat eggs every day, and I eat green juice every day, and I take my veggies raw every day.

                          Finally, the tweak. . .*instead* of "safe starches" I'm going for fruit.

                          I have been basically very fruit-light for quite a while. Since going primal, I've had one piece of fruit or less per day -- and generally citrus or berries when I do eat fruit. I might have an apple. This was all in an attempt to keep carbs low (below 100g). Which was really no problem.

                          When menstruating, I would add in starches (sweet potato) about two or three times in that week before and the week during for all the usual reasons, but ultimately, I just got a bit bloated and didn't really care for it. I wanted fruit.

                          Prior to primal, I loved fruit and would have 5-6 pieces a day. I loved veggies and would eat lots and lots and lots of them. I was never a big fan of meats (though I love eggs), and dairy isn't great for my digestion. So, I would eat normal amounts of meat (that 3-5 oz business, though sometimes more), and usually have 2-4 eggs a day (depends upon the size of egg and how hungry I am).

                          I didn't come to primal to lose weight or anything -- we came for DH's health reasons. I feel like, for me at least, I've been pushing myself to eat more of things that I don't want and less of things that I do. Giving up grains was easy because I never really cared for them that much anyway; same with beans. When I eat starchy foods, I tend to feel bloated and 'heavy' -- but when I eat fruit and veg, I feel great.

                          So, my tweak is to go for fruit instead of starches when I want more carbs. And to do that in lieu of going for more fat (in various oil forms) or more meat. I mean, I honestly do not want to eat more meat. I want more fruits and veggies.

                          And therefore, it only makes sense to do so.

                          To make up for the needs of my body -- both in terms of nutrients and calories -- it'll mean eating more of these things that if I ate a sweet potato with butter. Which may mean going for smoothies or juice to help facilitate that process.

                          I know it isn't "primal" (as primal is low carbs), but Joanie is right that it's tracing along PHD right now, and I'll see how it adapts over time.

                          In terms of work out tweaks, I'm psyched to start kettle bells! So glad my shoulder is better!


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                            You probably already know this, but Denise Minger has some good info on this type of diet.
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                              Originally posted by magicmerl View Post
                              Am I the only one that misread this thread as 'I'm Twerking, how about you?'?
                              dat was on purpose.