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    I do have a more slender build. At 130, even though it is a healthy weight for my height, I look like I could lose weight. At 115, while pretty slender, i never looked too skinny and that's according to friends and family. I got down to that weight (without a weight goal in mind) and was able to maintain pretty effortlessly. I also felt good. That's what makes me believe my body actually prefers the lower weight.

    On the shakes I find I'm starving and eating more vegetables to try and curb the hunger. Shakes and (overload) vegetables are also very expensive. I felt more satiated on higher fat, protein, using IF and more slow movement than cardio with a few heavy lifting days and sprints. It's amazing how "health experts" can change ones mind.

    Leida, my goal is health and also getting back to fitting into my clothes. May I ask, have you reached your desired weight. And if so, how?


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      Goal weight, yes, a few times, and using different approaches. Goal look & level of physical fitness while not impairing well-being/remaining functional in RL - no. But I don't mind working on my body till the day I die, having fun while at it.

      I am almost 40 yo, have a pear-shaped frame, and endomorphic type with flagging serotonin levels. I do not have enough height (I am only 5'6" and 1/2") and will not tan, so I am limited in how good I can look good naked. I am capable of achieving "look good in clothes" stage.

      When I was some 21 or 22, I spent the most boring month of my life with my mom by the sea side, eating predominantly vegetarian diet, high in local nightshades and fruit, with some oils and eggs thrown in, hiking the hilly seasides and swimming and doing nothing else (well, tuning out my mom's rants). That was the best body I have ever had, at about 112-115 lbs (which was my goal weight since).

      Before pregnancy and childbirth healthy SAD with low intensity workouts and Buns of Steel style calisthenics/light weights worked just fine for me (about 115-118 lbs, no sweat).

      After childbirth, hormonal/sugar balance got whacked. I got back into pre-preg 118 lbs on low fat/high carb, bootcamp-cardio craze, but stripped upper body completely of muscle/kept thighs and impaired sugar metabolism.

      Rebuilt upper body on a combination of SM and 5x5 stronglifts and an overfeeding Western-Price style diet (actually, Hyman's Super methabolism, but it's very similar, basically limited grains, only cooked ones, no bread, add fat back, etc), did Anabolic CKD (no change), Paleo-Lean Gains (no change).

      The best burn-fat/keep muscle was Ultimate Diet 2.0, which I did twice, getting down to 113 lbs, keeping almost all muscular mass. Very good in burning the fat off, but unsustainable after the diet completion. Cannot be used for maintenance either. Promotes really bad eating habits, sleeping habits and screws up the mind badly (depression)

      Tried VLC, with lifting/SM. No effect, apart from the permanent lethargy.

      Stopped counting macros & cleaned up all chemicals I could think of including BCP & turned to doing what I like doing in fitness: swimming, walking, lifting medium range (for pump), martial arts, yoga, some HIT. Stable, but not perfect in low 130's. My goal now is sugar balance to allow 2 meals a day schedule without dinner.

      Right now I want more from my body than achieving and maintaining a particular level of body fat. I want it to be able to function on 1,800 cals a day, not 1300 cals a day; not gain 3 lbs if I ate an apple; I want it to be able to fast for 24 hours without impairing judgment; go to sleep as the head hit the pillow and wake up 8 hours after that; not spiral into a black spell because I did not eat an apple; and be capable of any physical activity I may wish to try.

      Again, you are talking to someone who is almost 40, and just broke a couple of toes while warming up in a martial arts class
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        Originally posted by RunningFree View Post
        How much fat do most of you eat? As I wrote in my first post, I was consuming about 100g coming from meat, avocado, olive oil and coconut oil.
        I probably eat 50-60% of my calories from fat. So we are talking around 180-200g/day on my 2500-3000 normal days, and probably a deal higher on my lift days. Good fats are good for ya (seeing your history with Primal I'm sure you know why). Don't get stuck in the "chicken and fish only" mindset. I tend to run on fat and stick to the ancestral premise of having it as my primary fuel source. I like to eat enough carbs to fuel my high intensity effort, but not the effort of sitting here typing on my computer if you know what I mean
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          Is 15 lbs worth potential metabolic damage? If you really feel that 130 isn't your natural weight for your 5'6" and frame, just please make sure not to do anything extreme. Eating 1200-1500 calories, cutting out lots of carbs, and working our hard can all lower your thyroid output. Keep an eye on your temperatures and basic biomarkers of health along the way (sleep, mood, libido, athletic recovery), and if they drop or decrease, I highly recommend reconsidering your plan. Best of luck.
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            Thank you for your concern. Weight loss is not worth damaging my health by any means and is why I asked for feedback. What is a plan you would recommend?


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              It may seem counter-intuitive but it sounds like you need to eat more food. 1200 calories a day is low for someone at your activity level. You may lose weight very quickly on a 1200 calorie per day diet with tons of cardio but you are going to feel like shit and lose muscle mass. I would be very skeptical of what your trainer is telling you- can you get a second opinion? I have tried so many different ways of dieting and exercise to lose weight but in the end you can't go by anything other than what your body tells you. Your body knows best. Feeling great and having good energy and mood is how I know that I am on the right track.
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                I'd eat a small calorie deficit. Work out on an empty stomach when you can. Do any exercises that you like. Get out there and play, it's pretty hard to over play. You may need to eat more if you play more but that's about it.

                You said u had success fasting so maybe do that again.
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                  Originally posted by RunningFree View Post

                  Thank you for your concern. Weight loss is not worth damaging my health by any means and is why I asked for feedback. What is a plan you would recommend?
                  It really depends on your goals. You preface your post saying that you are having a weight loss/health game competition with your friends. I think the most important thing to realize is that weight loss =/= health gain. In fact, in a lot of cases, focused, regimented weight loss that involves deliberately cutting calories and working out harder and/or more frequently may actually have the opposite effect.

                  If you had once dieted down to 115 lbs, and then eating intuitively brought you back up to 130 lbs, do you really believe that 115 lbs is where your body naturally wants to be? I'll bet have a great physique and can enjoy eating and going out with your friends, sleeping well, having a stable mood, and free of food neurosis.

                  As someone who has suffered from all those things just to unleash my abs suffered the consequences. I dropped a 185lb physique at 6'0 to 160-170. Yeah my abs looked a little more defined (weight loss) but every aspect of health suffered across the board. I woke up in the middle of the night multiple times, had to pee all the time, was freezing cold, developed horrible body odor, my sex drive disappeared, and when I did go out to play I managed to to tear my rotator cuff and labrum in one routine fall because my body was operating so poorly. AND on top of all this people said I looked too skinny.

                  My point is, please don't fall into the trap that losing this 15 pounds is going to improve your health. If you were morbidly obese and your visceral fat was constricting organs it might be a different story, and losing weight might assist a health gain.

                  So, finally, what is my recommended plan? If you've gone primal and followed it at some point, you probably won't be eating trans-fat and chemical laden food excessively, and probably won't crave that food either. I'd trust yourself to eat intuitively. Consider not stressing over exact fat macros or calories. Consider not have protein shakes for meals or deliberately cycling three different types of intense cardio. If you're eating enough food and your body is functioning properly (again, indicated by stable and high waking temps (97.8-98.2+), decent resting pulse, good sleep, solid sex drive, good athletic recovery, etc.), you should start to fantasize and crave exercise. Then do the forms that excite you, whether that's through play, going to the gym, bodyweight work, or anything else. But forcing calories off your diet and then dragging yourself to workout, while accepted in the mainstream as "getting healthy", is a recipe for the opposite.

                  Best of luck

                  P.S. for all you ladies waging similar battles over a few more pounds to get to that physique you want, doing a bit of a recomposition through weight training can be very physically appealing. And it will do wonders for your health instead of hurting it.

                  tl;dr - weight loss does not necessitate health gain
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                    Starving and getting slim is like making yourself suffer for being in this shape. Don’t hurt yourself, you can be slim and for being slim you don’t need to starve or eat less you just need to eat right

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                      SalubriousU, I think it's fantastic you were able to overcome your desire to reach vanity weight for your health. You set a good example. I think we should all strive for health over appearance. With that being said, my weight went up because I wasn't eating the right foods. I started working with the trainer to get back into healthy eating and yes as a result experience weight loss. However, when he recommend the shakes and heavy cardio I questioned it remembering how I maintained my lower weight pretty effortlessly by following the primal diet and exercise. The trainer told me I would be healthier if I dropped the extra weight. As motivation, my friends and I began a health challenge. Anyway, my confusion in deciding which is the best approach is why I brought the discussion to the forum.

                      Thank you all for the responses. It's always helpful to get various feedback.