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Article linking heart disease to only processes meats

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  • Article linking heart disease to only processes meats

    Interesting read:

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    Researchers are such morons. For years we have been told that red meat causes cancer and yet they couldn't be bothered to differentiate processed from natural in the studies. I don't trust any of these people as far as I can throw them especially if real world historical and evolutionary observations don't back them up.
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      Funny this should pop up, on GMTV (UK Morning TV thing), a constant report about how Processed meats and fry ups were so bad. I was like YEAH....with all them baked beans and fried bread im NOT surprised...


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        Another longitudinal "study of studies" showing an "association".

        Here's a nice professional write-up of the study, and the way it's being covered in the press:

        This review discusses efforts of the study to factor out other causes (lifestyle, starting health of subject, genetics), and points to some failures in that regard, but it doesn't state whether other foods were solved for. As Bolivar points out, maybe most of the bacon eaters enjoy large amounts of grain- and surgar-rich foods along with the bacon!


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          This is interesting. I'm trying to get my blood pressure down. Bacon or ham is a staple at breakfast. I've not had either for 1 to 2 weeks and its been my best readings yet. I'm going to monitor this closer over the next few weeks.


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            Very interesting. I avoid processed meat because it's generally loaded with arachidonic acid and lower in nutrients than a nice slab of fresh beef or pork roast. Arachidonic acid can explain the heart disease or diabetes so that's my guess if it doesn't end up being a false cause fallacy. It's most likely a bit of both.
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              I either go all the way organic, or skin-free low fat meat. I'd rather not get all the nasty chemicals in conventional meat in the fat.
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