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    Hey OP,

    I came across this podcast that is very interesting that might be helpful to you. I've always done IF and once a week carbo load. But this is different and I'm actually going to try this myself. I actually listened to all 3 of his interviews on 3 podcast that I follow because I just needed to be convinced. All 3 of these podcasters are paleo. But this is mostly for performance. He actually talks about how you can lean out AND gain strength at the same time by doing this.
    You can do this with primal carbs, but it is important that they are high glycemic carbs like white rice and sweet potatoes. But according to him, and he has data to back it up, timing is very important...mainly insulin works differently at night post workout then in the morning. If you have the time to listen here they are:

    Kiefer & Carb Backloading - Paleo Solution Episode 160

    John Kiefer: Carb Backloading, Insulin Hacking, and Dropping 100 Pounds with Ice Cream | Fat-Burning Man by Abel James: Real Food, Real Results.

    Also, you can totally compete with the 20 somethings! In my box we had 2 men in their 40s go to the games in masters last year. They also contributed the highest scores in regionals to help send a team. We also had 50+ year old women who won the masters in 2010 and she out performs many of the 20 something men in WODs! So don't give up!