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Am I eating enough and how to get in more calories



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  • Am I eating enough and how to get in more calories

    Hi everyone!!
    I've recently eliminated nuts and nut butter from my diet as I've read for unfortunate women like myself who have PCOS, nuts hinder weight loss.
    But now I'm struggling to eat enough. For example, today I'm eating:
    I've got 2 eggs, 2 eggs whites, 2 tsps coconut oil and 2 rashers bacon for breakfast, tea with almond milk, salad for lunch with 2 tsp olive oil, spinach, radishes, turkey and half avocado, then dinner is cod fillet cooked in tsp coconut oil with lemon grass, chilli and bok choy.

    Apparently, according to my app, that's only 1100 calories, which isn't enough?
    Any advice on how to get more in without upping my carbs or including nuts would be very welcome!! Thank you :-)

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    Pate...I have a big lump with every salad. Make your own or read the labels. Waitrose do some good stuff. How are you with dairy? If you can handle it have a big bowl of half-defrosted blueberries with Channel Island cream. Eat more fatty meat. Get a rib of beef and eat all of it. Cook the bone after. You do seem to be hanging on to the low fat thing a bit if you don't mind me saying. your yolks, there is no place for egg whites in a whole food diet.
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      I agree; first step is whole eggs instead of whites, beef (or whatever red meat you can afford) instead of turkey. Buy pieces with bones attached to lower cost, boost flavour, and provide next to free fodder for stocks.

      You mentioned you have PCOS, and this is me assuming you're doing low carb. Eat plenty of vegetables with enough butter to taste nice and don't totally begrudge fruit. It's hard to overdo it on fruit anyway. Be sure to eat plenty of fermented (unpasteurized too) foods to repopulate any gut flora that may weaken on a low carb diet.

      If you aren't trying for low carb, I think potatoes are pretty much magical, and sweet root veg like carrots and beets are absolutely wonderful. Also fruits like bananas and grapes are usually pretty cheap, delicious, and versatile.

      Consider eating larger portions of your meats/fish. Given, I began primal as a former vegan and long time minimal meat eater, so I was really surprised how much protein I needed to eat for my body to really do well.

      Big salads are a good way to get in some good calories with plenty of veg, fruit, maybe some avocado, and olive oil. Soups with homemade stock and some cream are a good medium for tougher vegetables that need cooking. I typically have my fish with a little butter because fish and shellfish are so wonderful, but they do benefit from a little fat.
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        Did nuts hinder your weight loss? What you read may be true in general, but for an individual it may not hold.

        You can try creamed coconut - I am not sure what it's called in UK, but it is a decent crunchy and fatty substitute for nuts when you can't eat nuts. Goes well as a desert with tea and very easy to pack up calories. if you are avoiding nuts, I would sub almond milk for coconut milk, and go for a full-fat version.

        You can eat more of the foods that do not cause adverse effect to your health? It looks like you are are avoiding fats, your menu looks like Cordain's style Paleo with the exception of bacon. I suggest adding organ meats like liver as well, if you can with your health issues & picking fattier cuts if calories are a concern.
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          I would suggest more vegetables -- add them to breakfast, and increase them at lunch and dinner.

          And you might consider adding some fruit (berries, citrus to start), too. One or two servings.


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            100 gms of cod is about 100 cals, but 100 gms of lamb is almost 300 cals. a small portion of red meat is very nutritious and will easily up your cals without seeming like a ton of food.

            instead of egg whites, eat the entire egg.

            you don't say where you're trying to keep your carbs, but 100 gms of potato is only about 20 carbs and is a very convenient vehicle for butter, cream, cheese, etc. coconut cream if you are avoiding dairy.
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              Thanks for everyone for your help!! I'll also start buying whole chickens so I can have legs and thighs with the skin. :-)


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                Attagirl...pastured chicken is best. Get eggs from chickens that have eaten grass too.
                Man seeks to change the foods available in nature to suit his tastes, thereby putting an end to the very essence of life contained in them.


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                  Plus, you can replace the almond milk in your coffee with cream.
                  Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

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                    Why don't you just have larger portions of what you're already having? Especially much larger portions of eggs and meat.
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