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  • Sticking with Paleo

    Hi guys,

    I've been off and on the Paleo lifestyle for years and one of my complaints is that I always end up craving my old comfort foods which are bread, oats and at times rice to go with sushi. No matter how long I stick with the plan, I always end up with cravings that sabotage my efforts. I've stuck with the whole 30, more fat, less fat, no fruit, little fruit you name it. The cravings are strong in the evenings and it doesn't matter what I do they always seem to attack and derail all efforts. When I ate all foods in moderation, the cravings were gone and I didn't feel the urge or plan of attack on carbs. Any suggestions to control this problem would be greatly appreciated?

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    When you get a craving, eat a giant steak.

    Craving over.

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      bread, oats and at times rice
      White rice occasionally is fine. Limit it to when you go out for sushi and don't keep any in your home. Oats I can't really relate to, but like anything else, if it's part of your "20," do it in moderation and don't rely on cereal for breakfast - you are not a rat; you do not need grain/oats for breakfast.

      Info on oats: Are Oats Healthy? | Mark's Daily Apple and Oat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

      Bread is my downfall to keeping 100% also, so you have my sympathy. A bison burger sandwiched between lettuce leaves to me, is like having sex with my pants on. I can live with never having another pizza, lasagna, or goofy dessert, but the occasional bread product with my burgers? That's a tough one. Don't let being perfect keep you from being better. Limit the things that are not healthy and you'll be better off than if you fail completely because you can't be perfect. JMO.
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      Who says back fat is a bad thing? Maybe on a hairy guy at the beach, but not on a crab.


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        Lol JoanieL!! I just love it bahahahah! Thanks so much, you make me feel so much better!


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          Do you crave more often than 1x a week? If not, having a piece of whatever falls in perfectly well with the 80:20 rule. Or, without any rule-breaking, if pure starch, like a plain boiled potato or a cup of plain rice satisfies the craving, then you can do it. It sounds like you want pure starch.

          Now, if you feel powerless because you feel that food controls you, then I would suggest Susan Alberts books on Mindful Eating, most particularly the "But I deserve this chocolate" to untangle the roots of why you feel that you have to have a slice of bread in the evening.
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            I know one of the philosophies out there for diets is to not replicate old food with substituted alternatives.. but, I make pancakes, breads, and cookies with almond meal and eggs. Primal and tastes better than anything oat based :P


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              the issue here isn't satiation, it's satisfaction.

              these are "comfort" foods. so, what if food isn't a "comfort" anymore? That is, that you can feel your feelings and not 'need' to have a food to 'comfort' you.

              now, I know that people also use the words "comfort foods" to refer to those foods that they really enjoy/like (are most comfortable with) -- that can transition over time *if* the emotional connection to the food has been 'disconnected.'

              so, when seeking a comfort food, ask yourself if you are satiated, and if you aren't, then eat more primal foods (i.e., more veg, more meat, some starch if you want, some fruit if you want, etc). And if you are, then perhaps look at other ways that you can cope with your feelings outside of food.


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                It's definitely more than 1X per week. When being really strict with Paleo, I'll often resort to dates or something that will satisfy me. I'm not a chocolate lover or anything nor am I looking for processed junk. I just love having an Ezeikel English muffin with almond butter and banana over having bacon and eggs. It seems to be the satisfying factor over the satiated one. I would like to overcome this but I just seem to keep getting pulled into the wrong direction. At least it's not a daily episode so I'll just keep working on it but it's becoming a guilt factor when ever I do eat a Paleo not approved food.