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    Hi, new here and wanted to ask a question. What are the best types of milk? We use a lot of milk (10+ gallons per month for a family of seven plus an infant). We've tried all different types but the kids prefer animal milks to coconut or almond. Our closest source of raw cow's milk is over an hour away and they're frequently sold out when we get there. We have all the milks most large grocery stores carry available. All the organic milk is both homoginized and ultra pasteurized but some is grass fed. We've been using ultra pasteurized, non homoginized, grass fed goat milk but I'm not sure it's the best option. I'm trying to reduce the amount of milk we drink but a couple of the kids aren't big on eating meat and need the protein.

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    Just my humble opinion. I stick with raw, grass fed. Absent that, I would say that Organic Valley's Grassmilk is the best option (see link below), their other milks aren't bad either. After that we get into brands like Natural By Nature, etc. I would also stick with whole milk if I were you. Good luck.
    Organic Valley - Grassmilk
    Natural By Nature - Organic, grass-fed dairy products


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      have you searched for a source of just grass-fed dairy -- not necessarily raw -- closer to you? raw milk is next to impossible for us to get, but we have excellent local grass-fed. that ultra-pasteurized is about dead.

      will the kids eat eggs or cheese? yogurt? drink kefir?
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        Have you found glass bottles of pasteurized (not homogenized) grassfed milk, since raw is not a convenient option? That's the kind I get.
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          We're in a semi rural area with next to no dairy farming (not a good climate for it). There's no milk in glass bottles or organic valley grass milk (120 mile drive to get to a whole foods for those). We do have regular organic valley milk and a few store brand organic milks.


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            I would do the regular Organic Valley, whole, Omega 3 if they have it. OV seems like a pretty legit company to me. I'm sure you could do much worse.