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Post-GERD Nutrition and Leptin Sensitivity



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  • Post-GERD Nutrition and Leptin Sensitivity

    I posted some questions about diet in 2012, then my health got worse and I haven't been on the forums until now. I found out I have Barrett's Esophagus, and the acid reflux was making me so sick I couldn't function- I was actually bed-ridden for quite a while. I had surgery to put down my hiatal hernia in November of last year, and I am feeling so much better! I can actually function, and exercise again (BIG smiley face). No more acid reflux!!

    My question is: where do I go from here? I thought I was hypoglycemic- but was it my body reacting to acid reflux? I can go VERY low carb, but then my blood sugar is so low that I have no energy to function. Has anyone else gone through this-- had the surgery to correct acid reflux- my body seems to be changing now that my system doesn't have to deal with constant acid reflux- would the reflux affect my body systemically as well as locally in the esophagus and stomach (obviously... somehow reacting to the acid bubbling up out of the stomach) I think it affected my ability to absorb vitamin b12- when I took it sublingually i felt an immediate difference in energy.

    I am no longer insulin resistant- I think. I used to be a raw-foodist who ate too much fruit (whole and in green smoothies), but I haven't eaten much fruit since 2012. I think I am probably leptin resistant- and was wondering how well the 'fad diet/lifestyle' prescriptions for increasing leptin sensitivity work. I know that we are learning more about it, but are the recommendations based on proven studies and actual real-life application, or are they just another batch of 'information-for-sale books' riding the wave of the newness of leptin and the promised health benefits?

    Anyway, I eat a very non-processed diet, no grains except for a little rice/millet bread (do millet and rice contain the leptin-blocking properties like wheat and rye?), lots of protein and veggies, very little fruit (afraid of blood sugar roller coaster, and afraid of the fructose=fat response). I put on weight over the past year or so when my Barrett's got so bad that I was bed-ridden. I am starting to do HIIT sprints and weight lifting again, and I am excited to increase my health and get back into shape! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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