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    Ok, so I really overdid it today! I ate too much! I tried some hard goat's cheese, and it was good! I ended up eating the whole block, 200 grams. This much had me above 3000 cals!!! And if I wasn't counting, I'd know I'd eaten too much by how I feel: barely able to move!

    So what a good opportunity to do an IF tomorrow. I don't know how long I'll last, but I want to hold myself accountable by putting it out there. Wish me luck!

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    Good luck! My sister in law introduced me to something from Central Market called "grilled cheese." Now, mind you, my favorite after school snack growing up was shredded cheese melted on a plate in the microwave. So I was all about this grilled cheese thing. It's a block of cheese that somehow they managed to grill and actually keep it in a block. Just cheese. No breading or anything. So you just heat it up for a couple of seconds in a skillet or in microwave, and I swear it tastes just like a grilled cheese sandwhich.

    I haven't gotten any yet, because I'd do the very same thing you did with the goat cheese. And I didn't look at the nutrition label, but there's no way this little hunk of cheese isn't completely sinful in some way or another. So, I just thought I'd let ya know that's out case you want another pre-I.F. meal! *evil grin*

    Good luck with the I.F.!
    Now and then it is good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.


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      Put a lock on the fridge and give the key to someone you can trust. It works...