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  • plateau?

    I am just curious even though inside I know this must be a plateau. Once I went low carb I started loosing weight pretty rapidly, then I would stall, then loose rapidly and stall, etc.
    I was at a longs stall the last time but I think I may have been eating too much- I don't know. Well now I have taken a job out of state so I have to fend for myself (instead of my lovely wife fixing me meals) which means I don't eat as much, LOL!
    after the first few weeks I dropped rapidly again, but now I have stalled. I started calculating how much I eat and the most I come up with is 1400 calories a day. Which for me is really low- I am only eating twice a day- breakfast is 3 eggs and 6 sausage links (turkey sausage) dinner is a bowl of cauliflower/ broccoli and 2-3 pork chops or steak. I normally don't eat lunch except for the days I run, then I get a salad.

    According to the online calculators, my basal metabolic rate is 1884 calories/ day just to be alive- let alone any activity. I run 5miles 2-3x's a week. I took this week off to see if it makes a difference- I don't know.

    I know that if I was consuming a carb based diet, I could see not loosing and potentially gaining because of being insulin resistant, but with eating very little carbs, what could be the cause now? Just when I thought I was beginning to be somewhat normal too.

    History- been LC since Jan 4th- lost total of 36lbs. Any ideas or experiences to help me through?

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      Learn to like sour cream and coconut milk. That can act as a good way to up the calories.
      At such low levels I would think that carbs would not be bad, and so adding potatoes or other carby fruits would not be bad.


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        I think mixing things up a bit in terms of exercise and food are a good idea. Your body gets used to what you are doing and achieves a sort of homestasis. A good example of that is how when you changed from eating your wife's food, to eating other food you lost weight. I think your idea of cutting back the exercise temporarily is a good one. I started losing when I cut my cardio in half. Are you lifting weights? That might be a good way to go. Experiment with more meat and less salad. Just changing what you do might help.
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          You've lost at a good rate (average over time), so it's possible that your body is just 'adjusting.' In my weight loss journey, I've found different patterns that my body does in terms of loss (I chart my weight each week).

          I consistently lose only 4 lbs a month (post-menopausal and hypothyroid slows things), but it used to be a fairly regular one pound a week. Last month, I had no loss for almost the entire month and wondered why I was 'stalled.' On the last day of the month, I dropped 4 lbs! This month, that pattern seems to be continuing. I haven't changed anything in my WOE or exercise routine, and I suspect that my body is just trying to hold onto the weight and finally gives up if I'm consistent (I'm about 10 lbs from goal).

          Weight loss is rarely linear, and the body always fights to hold onto its fat stores!

          That said, 1400 cal seems very low for you, and if you don't want more food, add more fat. If you saute that cauliflower and broccoli in some olive oil and garlic, it will be really delicious.


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            I'm seeing a few things:

            more magnesium needed:

            1. Eat lots of animals, insects and plants.
            change your food around. Work on potassium - you need more
            eat more on some days, less on other days. Consider some IF'ing at *irregular* intervals.

            2. Move around a lot at a slow pace.

            so you're running 3x/week. how much movement throughout the day

            3. Lift heavy things.

            4. Run really fast every once in a while.

            consider some HIIT

            5. Get lots of sleep.

            getting enough? insufficient sleep and sleep apnea can make it difficult to loose weight. they both encourage insulin resistance even when there is just a small amount of sleep disruption.

            6. Play.

            7. Get some sunlight every day.

            this document is worth reading in it's entirety:
            It can be hard to loose weight when it's low and it's low in most peoplle who aren't getting
            summer sun
            full body exposure
            to the point just before a burn would occur

            8. Avoid trauma.
            9. Avoid poisonous things.
            10. Use your mind.

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              Here's my standard suggestion. Have you tried IFing? You're only eating twice a day but you're not going for 18 hours in between meals either. I eat once or twice a day and when it's twice both meals are in the evening. A lunch and then an early dinner might also be a good idea. I don't buy the whole breakfast is the most important meal of the day theory.


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                how much do you weigh? height?


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                  Great responses- thank you! homeostasis- makes sense, never thought of it that way. I am trying to mix it up this week-

                  Originally posted by Chunster495 View Post
                  how much do you weigh? height?
                  5'10" 212lbs

                  Originally posted by Daemonized's Avatar
                  You're only eating twice a day but you're not going for 18 hours in between meals either
                  I work as a construction manager, I am in the office Mondays, Tuesday's and Thursday's- What I am worried about is starving so bad that I will go out and get something- Since I am staying out of town I am on a budget- buying out could get expensive if done alot. Also, I am only eating 1400 calories or so a day M-Thursday by accident- I could actually add more fat into my meals- will try to do that.

                  Cillakat- thank you for your detailed response.
                  1. I do need to mix it up- I seem to just eat steak or pork chops. I tried chicken but (A) I dry it out to much in cooking (B) it is low fat so I wanted something more fatty
                  2. Other than running- I am sedentary at work- I have brought a tennis racket with me to hit a ball up against a wall sometimes- lift weights 2 x's a week too- just real minor curls and tri's
                  4. I do that sometimes- I will sprint up a hill in my run and then slow down to a very slow jog to recuperate.
                  Anand- maybe I will add some sour creme on my veggies-

                  Thanks everyone!


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                    Try sauteing chicken in a med high heat pan with coconut oil. Let it brown quickly on both sides. This will keep your chicken moist. I'll usually pound the breast to make sure it's consistently thick and browning it quickly on both sides tends to cook it through. If not completly cooked, lower the heat and put a lid on your pan until done. Put cooked chicken onto a plate and then deglaze the pan with butter and a little chicken stock. Let it simmer for a few minutes and then pour in a glug of heavy cream. This is a super easy pan sauce that will add some fat to your chicken.


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                      So in addition to micronutrients, more fat and more food in general (your body thinks that you are in a period of famine), and IFings I would like to inquire as to your omega 3 intake. A poor omega 3:6 ratio can cause insulin resistance, leptin resistance, obesity as a consequence of that, and a lot of damage to the body in general. it doesn't look like you have any in your food, are you taking fish oil?

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