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Can I use this protein source?

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  • Can I use this protein source?

    Okay, I know it is not primal, but is this acceptable?

    I love garden of life products and I am having trouble meeting my protein requirements. I would normally not even consider supplementing in this way as I feel strongly about eating whole foods rather than powders, but coming from a former veg diet I am finding it hard to eat the protein I need.

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    it's acceptable. But whey is much much better. Former veg here too....more on that in my journal (link below)

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      the video says its made with grains....and grains tend to be a no-no around here.

      i try to eat as whole as possible....meaning if it comes in a bag, box, or can.....or it doesn't look like an easily identifiable food (also slong the same lines, if i can not easily recreate it in my kitchen or make it myself, for example- mill the flour to bake a cake- i know a non-primal food but just for as an example- or somehow conjur up all "ingredients" with out a lab and beakers)

      I won't eat it.

      I love meat! meat! meat! so I have no trouble getting my protien....maybe too much

      but... what i can suggest is try different meats in varying ways...not always in a chunk, if that's what you're having trouble with

      maybe have some very well shredded chicken in some "tortilla" chicken soup- with out the tortillas of course, you know disguise the meat in a way it's not always in your face but as a compliment to a meal

      i could also have missed your point entirely too haha as i have never tried to go vegan except for 2 minutes in my life and promptly quit that like the plague.


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        Originally posted by etsmom View Post
        Okay, I know it is not primal, but is this acceptable?
        You probably know this, but: no, it's not acceptable. It's not a real food. Try eating meat, fish, eggs or some real food.


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          I had trouble becoming a meat eater too!!! (I grew up thinking I hated meat, but realized that cooked properly I love it! Took a while to wrap my head around it though)

          Some sneaky ways of getting extra protein:

          If you're thinkin' protein powders, why not just throw some eggs into that smoothie? If raw squigs you out, you could coddle them first, or make a quick custard with coconut milk or cream. I do this for my kiddos. I just simmer the coconut milk with vanilla and then take a bunch of egg yolks, temper them with a bit of the hot cream and then whisk it in. Once it thickens up a bit I chill it. Just throw some of that into a smoothie!

          Hollandaise! Hollandaise is good on veggies, on chicken, on fish, on eggs! Yum yum yum!

          Soups! It's easy to get some good nourishment and protein when you are feeling like you just can't eat another bite of protein!
          The more I see the less I know for sure.
          -John Lennon


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            Yeah, i know grains are off limits. No fights from me there. But Mark even says that while legumes and pseudo grains such as buckwheat and quinoa are not as good of a protein source as meat, they are acceptable for variety's sake. I do still think that the legumes and quinoa and buckwheat nutritional value when prepared properly (a la Weston Price), so this sprouted raw stuff from garden of Life seemed like a good option. It is hard to break away from the veg lifestyle. I am totally happy eating a ton of veggies and meat/egg/fish, but i find it hard to eat a lot. And, i like eating a large number of different things a day. It just seemed like this was packed with so much goodness and variety. But, I'll try other things you all mentioned before resorting to a powder. The poder aspect is the main drawback for me anyway,

            lilearthmomma - i LOVE hollandaise. I always forget about that. good idea. The egg custard seems like a good way to go, too. I do already eat 2 eggs a day, though. That could be something I use for variety, but sadly, not in addition to what I already do. I really like to each a bunch of different foods a day and too many eggs would edge out other things. But, seriously, i am going ot try this tomorrow morning for myself and the kiddos.

            viva - I'll look to hide it better. Thanks for the suggestion.

            cillakat - why is whey better? Just wondering?


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              That product is also a lot more expensive than whey protein powder as well.


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                Yeah, it is. But I L.O.V.E. all their products.

                still wondering...

                Ya know, I thought it was 1 g protein per LBM. Then, somewhere else I saw .5 per. If I could do .5 I would be made in the shade. I am 4'10" 96 lbs. I think that is about 74 g protein. But, If I could do like 40 I could handle that better. Plus, I wouldnt need a supplement. I just cant seem to be hungry enough for more protein (plus, I dont really desire any more), and I dont want excess protein stored as fat. Any thoughts?