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  • Monavie acai berry juice? - Long post

    Okay, so my dad is taking an interest in health stuff, specifically he has been singing the praises of this acai berry juice called Monavie. Looking at the ingredients it's chock-full of berries and fruits from around the world. The marketing pitch is that the juice is 1) packed with anti-oxidants 2) full of vitamins and 3) contains trace minerals from around the world. There's a lot of hyperbolic claims like near-curing of arthritis and reduction in symptoms of fibromyalgia.

    Three months ago I would have dismissed claims like that out of hand but I've seen the kind of difference the PB has made so I'm willing to give this Monavie thing a second look. But the thing is I understand the mechanisms of PB work to do things like reduce inflammation, build immunity, and improve mental function. I don't understand how trace minerals, vitamins, and anti-oxidants could be *that* miraculous. Any thoughts?

    The other issue is that this stuff is sold via a MLM. I've checked the business end out and it seems on the up and up. But MLMs can get a little aggressive with their claims.

    Personally I have no interest in the stuff, selling or consuming (too many sugars and acai tastes like poo). But I do worry about my dad.

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    Personally, I think "hyperbolic" is the word for all this.

    I have severe arthritis, and eating Primal is one way to control my inflammation, and the most important component of that is NO SUGAR. Sugar will immediately spike my pain, so I would imagine that this "juice" would really cause me problems.

    With no dairy, no sweeteners of any kind, and no grains, I am relatively pain free and off all meds.


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      Just another snake oil. I had a bottle left with me by a friend, and couldn't see anything in the ingredients to back up the claims.
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        Used to drink it, stopped. Both months and months before getting on the Paleo/Primal lifestyle.

        Nice thing about MonaVie, it is actually fruit juice, as opposed to just being sugar water. Very thick. The taste is something that some people like, some hate, for me it was 'meh' and eventually acquired a decent liking for it. Bad thing - it's fruit, lots and lots of fruit. That means it will have the sugar that goes with the fruit.

        Honestly I did feel better drinking the stuff, but that was better vs a CW diet where I felt like crap and had horrible allergies which I took a pill every day to deal with symptoms. Drinking MonaVie helped out with the allergies and I didn't need the drugs every day to deal with the crap. However; since switching to a PB style diet, I not only don't bother with the drugs at all, I have almost zero allergy symptoms in what is supposedly one of the worst years for them.

        The anti-oxidants and other goodies in MonaVie will certainly help and are certainly more bioavailable than what you could get out of most supplement pills. Also, the stuff is really expensive if you don't do the business side of it yourself to cover your own drinking supplies. $130 or more for a 4-bottle case, which lasts 1-2 months depending how much you drink.

        But, IMO, you're better off just eating PB...which recommends quite a bit less fruit than you'd be getting downing MonaVie or eating the equivalent amount of fruits.


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          Yeah, I'm not buying it either (literally ). I just wanted to make sure I wasn't being too skeptical. (Seriously, if you'd told me six months ago that there was a diet that was easy, tasty, filling and nutritious and I'd build muscle, lose weight, have better moods, energy, and etc - I would have laughed in your face).

          At least it seems to be low sugar (8g/ serving). It seems to be fairly benign for the most part.


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            My MIL was/is all over this garbage. She has MS and seems to grab onto any "wonder product" as if it is the cure to everything including others like Gogi juice, ostrich oil, etc. at the same time pounds back breads, cereals, and dairy. Monavie is nothing but a money grab and the product is simple sugar water and it isn't going to do anything for your health that good old fashioned, proper food won't do. She feeds this shit to my kids and it makes me angry. She had them so brainwashed over Gogi juice for a time they would have a fit if they didn't get their little shot glass full every morning. I throw the junk out now when Grandma sends a bottle home with them.
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              It's kind of like the Noni Juice craze awhile back. Frankly, unless big Pharma is trying to squash this, I wouldn't bother with the stuff. I have a co-worker who's been selling the stuff for 3-4 years and some people swear by it although you couldn't tell by looking at them. Probably partly placebo, and partly it's better than the crap that they've been eating for half a lifetime.


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                i used to get those bottles of juice from costco, well not monavie but something similar. it was a concoction of all different juices of all different plants and it was very thick. they tasted alright, and i felt pretty good it wasnt like u drank a whole cup it was a shot-glass worth once a day or something, and also i was on the CW, or maybe i was vegan at the time..... i dont really drink juice anymore tho unless i really get a hankering for some fresh squeeze orange juice ill make myself.
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                  I used to drink Monavie. I personally loved the stuff. I love the taste and looked forward to my daily "shot" of it. Everyone that I know that used it felt 100% better than they did pre Monavie. I am always sceptical of this kind of thing too, but after my first few doses my shoulder pain went away. I do believe it also contains L-Glutamine which could be what did it for me, but I liked drinking it anyways.

                  Not really "endorsing" it, but just my two cents in that I liked drinking it


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                    There's a very psychological aspect to products like these. If people want to believe that it will make them feel better, chances are it will. Placebo is a very powerful thing.
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                      A family member got involved in the pyramid business associated with Monavie. After a bunch of research, angry and disillusioned, I was delivered with 6 bottles ($100+ I guess) she never wanted to see again. I guess cocoa drinks scored higher in antioxidants according to some lab. I drank them down in a couple days. Not bad tasting. I didn't notice anything positive or negative. I doubt they pack the punch advertised. Organic grape or acerola juice and Monavie are all probably equally bad for you.


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                        Originally posted by Lovestoclimb View Post
                        There's a very psychological aspect to products like these. If people want to believe that it will make them feel better, chances are it will. Placebo is a very powerful thing.
                        Yeah, her sponsor was ridiculous. Monavie had cured his diabetes, lowered his blood pressure, and made him years younger. He was angry that I wouldn't sign on. He's now battling to avoid a foot amputation.


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                          MonaVie acai juice drinks are so popular even with an expensive range of prices. It is because the fruit where these juices were derived from is an exotic fruit which can only be found in the jungles of Central and South America.


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                            Originally posted by Grol View Post
                            Yeah, her sponsor was ridiculous. Monavie had cured his diabetes, lowered his blood pressure, and made him years younger. He was angry that I wouldn't sign on. He's now battling to avoid a foot amputation.
                            Sigh. I can't stand people that get sucked into pyramids, then try to get you involved. Probably one of the most awkward conversations.


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                              I Used MonaVie last 6 or 7th month...This is so tasty...Actually i wanna Is it helpful in diet control...Plz updated with me...I'll be back soon...

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