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    I am seeing great results on my own version of the PB. However, I don't have a budget that allows for grass fed beef. I get the importance of the Omega 3 to 6 balance and the CLA advantages of that healthier choice but I am curious as to how fellow members deal with their own budget restraints.

    My budget doesn't allow for organic kale and organic cherries and other dietary supplements. Yet, I still squeeze them in on occasion, however the cost spread between grass fed and corn fed is astronomical. It's hard to justify for me and my family.

    I improvise often with protein powders. (Whey, Brown Rice) When our local Stew Leonard's has sales on Cage Free Eggs, I'm all over it.

    Any other suggestions to stretch a dollar and to be as true to the Primal Blueprint and yet make peace with our food budget.

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    I can't afford grass fed either but I can live without it. These are some of my basic staples (all conventional, but from whole foods, so at least there's no antibiotics/hormones)

    eggs (non organic) 2.89 dozen
    ground beef 4.99 lbs (sometimes it's on sale)
    chicken wings 2.99 lbs
    cheap cuts on sale ~2.99
    liver ~7.99 (most expensive thing I buy but it's full of nutrients, well worth it)
    uncured bacon 5.99
    kerrygold butter 3$

    Costco is another great place... I love their Kerrygold cheese!

    As for the omega 3 you can just invest on a good supplement and you're fine. Costco has it for 15$, 300 capsules. Better than nothing.
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      Don't worry too much about grass fed beef. If you can get it - great, if not - trim the fat and supplement with fish oil and cod liver oil.

      I don't think that consuming grain-fed beef is anywhere near as harmful as consuming grains. IMO the worst you can do is to consume a lot of grain-based oil high in Omega 6 polyunsaturated fat, or even partially hydrogenated and/or oxidized oil. As long as you leave out those grain based "foods", I don't believe that a nice piece of grain-fed beef, cooked in butter or coconut oil, is bad for your health.
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        If you have a whole foods or trader joe's around you, I would suggest you give them a visit.

        Believe it or not, I could get 100% grass fed organic ground beef for less than what you listed as your typical price for the meat.

        My local whole foods stores (northern chicago suburbs) sell that organic 100% grass fed stuff for 3.99 a pound (if you buy at least 3 pounds though).
        If you don't want to buy in bulk its 5.99/lb (same price as ground buffalo, which is another great meat)

        Costco also sells organic eggs for 4.25, and you get 18 eggs, which is a pretty darn good deal for organic eggs if you ask me.

        Trader Joe's has uncured bacon as low as 3.99 a pack. They also have a very impressive meat section with nice clean meat for an affordable price.

        Also check with you local farmer's markets.
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          I have the same problem, an decided to not worry about it. I buy from a grocer what they offer and do the best I can with it. Staying away from grains and processed sugar is the most important thing. I've had great success with the PB and haven't bought any grass fed beef and very little "organic" anything else.


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            Eat organs instead, they are much cheaper. Heart tastes like muscle meat anyway.
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              Also, beef tongue. I get them for $3 Canadian per pound, they're delicious, and the saturated fat and CLA content is huge.

              Makes me glad that people are such snobs about their cuts.
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                Originally posted by Stabby View Post

                Also, beef tongue. I get them for $3 Canadian per pound, they're delicious, and the saturated fat and CLA content is huge.

                Makes me glad that people are such snobs about their cuts.
                I'll have to try that (tongue.)

                My friend Mark Schatzker recently published a book called Steak. One's man's search for the World's tastiest piece of beef. He says the tongue is the most underrated cut on the cow..

                I only eat grass feed beef once every couple of weeks - and eat a lot of chicken and lamb that is local and raised without hormones and antibiotics.. same thing for my eggs. There is a list of the dirty dozen fruits and vegies that you should buy organic and a similar list of ones that it doesn't matter (things like cabbage and broccoli don't have many natural pests - hence a lack of pesticides) Here is the link to that list.