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  • how to choose snacks

    Just trying to figure out which is a better snack. I'm having an issue with carb creep and am feeling hungry. Would it be better to have a handful of nuts (ie. macadamia's, marcona alomonds, pistachio's) which I have to admit turn into 2 or 3 handfuls, a piece of dark chocolate or a piece of coconut oil almond bark ( made with coconut butter, coconut oil and pecans and kept frozen).

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    Assuming the problem is purely carbs creeping up and not a calorie issue, then both of those options sound reasonable. People are gonna chime in with 'EAT MOAR' at your main meal to stop snacking, others will say 'fast'. What is your goal?


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      If 1 handful of nuts is turning into 2 or 3 then I'd personally be pre package them so I didn't, if I was worried about the calories.

      You could always try hard boiled eggs.

      I like the sound of the almond bark

      When are the snacks for?

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        If a handful of macadamias turns into several handfuls, I would say you need to eat more at your meals or find different nuts to snack on. I routinely go grab a bit of raw macadamias from the pantry and never gorge myself. I don't even get a handful (I have huge hands), and it's always enough to curb whatever craving I may be having. Dark chocolate is good too, just get quality stuff.
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          how to choose snacks

          What about veggies? It's pretty easy to grab a carrot (or two or three) from the fridge and have those. I don't understand being fearful of the carbs in veggies to the point where hundred of fat calories from nuts or a snack made of coconut butter and oil seems like a better option. Still hungry after? Eat more veggies.


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            One component of paleo/primal that isn't discussed much, but is certainly a factor, is being mindful about food. Whether it's getting rid of the worst of the worst, or going all the way to organic produce and properly raised animals, we think about our food rather than just grabbing something easy.

            Snacking is usually the antithesis of that. We snack when we're bored, in front of the tv, when sitting at our desks, etc. Snacking also takes us away from a solid one to three meals per day and puts us back to the CW idea that grazing is what's healthy.

            One thing to show you whether or not you need a snack due to hunger or whether it's more of a habit is to ask yourself if a piece of meat, some bone broth, or some eggs would do the trick. If yes, then you're probably hungry. If no, and you really just want the nuts or chocolate, it's probably a habitual thing that you can work through. Better to incorporate those foods into your meals.
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              Mostly I think it's a satiety issue. My weight has crept up and I don't want to let it get out of control. I believe I a eat a filling breakfast (couple pieces of bacon, berries and cream or an egg or two) but then around 10:30 I get hungry. Joannie could be right it could be habit or boredom. Thanks every one for your replies.


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                Like a lot of other people are saying, you have to ask yourself WHY you are snaking. Some people can make snaking a reasonable part of their overall eating strategy and keep calories in check, but many people turn one handful into five into ten into twenty and things can get out of control pretty quickly.

                When you know why you are snaking, you can ask more important questions like, "am I able to keep my snacking under control, or do need to just eat more at mealtime and fend off urges to snack before they happen?"

                Different people will make different strategies work for themselves. Some can snack like crazy and be fine, others have to keep it tightly under control or they over consume really quickly. Based on your current weight, health goals, body comp, and yes, psychological issues (some people have them), you will have to decide if snaking is the right thing for you personally.
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