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    I think Yukon gold potatoes are divine without adding anything, though I do like them roasted with a touch of olive oil. I bet they would be fantastic with a bit of duck fat.

    I don't add much fat to what I eat. But I do drizzle EVOO, 18 year aged balsamic and pink salt on my BAS. And also use EVOO when I roast asparagus or other veggies.

    I haven't really gotten into sardines either but give me a bottle of anchovies or can of wild salmon and I'm quite happy.

    I am still trying to find my PHD macro balance to where the scale stops going up. I do understand that this is just my second week and everything takes adjustment. I'm still somewhat afraid of the added carbs.

    I want to try RS. Is there a best brand of potato starch to get?


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      calee, I'm afraid there will be an adjustment period while your body gets used to carbs. I think the pound of starch is an essential part of PHD and something that I try to do consistently. I make adjustments in protein and fat within the percentage recommendations.

      Bob's redmill unmodified potato starch is the most commonly used and easiest to find.
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        Originally posted by Pebbles67 View Post
        Silly, I know. I have always preferred milder tasting fish.
        Nothing silly when it comes to taste! don't think that!

        What about cod flesh ? that's also really nice with taters.
        About the dairy, yeah, forget about it if you cannot use some. EVOO + vinegar, some proteins (maybe eggs, it is really good in a potato salad), salt, pepper, herbs you like, and really the raw onions bits are a must. Cherry tomatoes and olives are a good option (if not a must).


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          Yes I like cod. I am going to try some sardines or anchovies soon. TBH haven't tried them in a while.

          This is why I started this thread, to get some encouragement in some of the finer points of PHD. I tend to eat meat and potatoes with butter, but there is so much more to it.

          A friend just got into fermenting and is going to teach me to make kimchi.
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            ''UselisAs picklepete said, I find that fats are pretty easy to rack up quickly at 9 calories a gram.''

            Yeah, agree is just with fat counting becomes more complicated. For example I know how much of what potatoe or pound of beef has but as far as say butter its tough to measure sometimes. I will just take your advices and use fat on top of everything to fill up satiety faster

            Tweaking last details so interested if this menu fits into PHD frame:

            This based on approx 3k calories. I might eat it all or 1/3, depends how hungry I will be. Just want to have some back up meals in case unexpected hunger will strike.

            Carbs - 5 medium white potatoes, 3 medium carrots, 4 small tomatoes, 1 banana. 218g of carbs (I am semi active and sometimes I won't eat all of that food so figured will be fine with a bit higher). Thats about 30% from carbs

            Protein - 5 eggs fried in butter and 1.2 lb of beef chuck. 150g of protein and about 22% of total calories

            Fat - butter as a source and soure cream + fats from beef, eggs, etc. Works out to be more then 50% of calories.

            Does it look fine?

            Also wanted to ask how much emphasis all of you put into their supplementation advice? I do believe it's important just curious how many people strictly following it.



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              The food plan sounds good. Try it and see how it works for you.

              I use supplements that I have discovered help me. I have not looked at their particular recommendations. I am finding that I am able to drop some things that I used to need as my gut health improves. (ie. 5htp)

              I supplement with RS and a probiotic for my gut in particular.
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                Good idea for a thread! The PHD matches most closely the way I eat these days, along with the 5 rules of leptin (not to be confused with the Leptin Reset. Similar but not the same. Lost 20 pounds over 6 months a few years ago following the "rules.")

                I realized about 6 weeks ago after rereading the PHD book that I wasn't eating enough starches, not on purpose really, just was not paying attention. Eating more starches daily such as potato salad etc. definitely agrees with me. I'm not sure if I eat a pound of not one for weighing/measuring food but generally have about the equivalent of a half a medium baking potato with most meals (3 meals/day, no snacks per leptin rules.) What I am looking for from the various diet regimes is what foods to eat or not eat and a general idea of relative proportions, rather than precise amounts of any particular food.

                Then about a month ago, I discovered the RS thread on MDA and after some marathon reading here and on the FTA blog, jumped in right after locating some Bob's Red Mill Potato Starch in our very own local supermarket. Who knew? For me, with the combination of the above and other factors (e.g. ThyroGold), the RS has worked wonders. Increased energy level into the evening, great focus/no more brain fog, not just the ability to but actual enjoyment of exercise, waist shrinkage, and other great changes.

                My point is not that everyone should do exactly what I'm doing, but that there can be many pieces to a person's nutritional/health may not get a big improvement with a given change, but if it seems to be helping, keep it up. And if it ceases to help, it may be time to try something different.

                It shouldn't be so difficult to be truly healthy, but with all the crap food in our food supply, lack of knowledge and misinformation everywhere you turn, and loss of our ancestral/cultural knowledge about what healthy eating is, perhaps it's not surprising.
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                  I am more peaty but I want to comment to subscribe and maybe learn something new.
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                    I read the book recently and have been eating white rice, potatoes, and sweet potatoes for the past few weeks. I missed them mightily! No weight gain, but I might have to lower my fat because I still want to lose a few pounds.


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                      I recommend that book to many friends -- has tons of great info and good science. I find the kindle version on my laptop or tablet to be a great reference. I also listened to a bunch of Paul Jaminet's pod casts when they first came out.

                      The only weird things are that the book seemed over paranoid about omega3s and fructose -- and I wasn't quite convinced on the science behind that. I also wished they talked more about the interactions between macro mix and exercise levels. When it comes to exercise Mark Sisson and Paul Jaminet couldn't be more different.


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                        Energy, what are the 5 rules of leptin??

                        This is a fantastic idea for a thread, Paula. I've been kind of PHD for a while - I tried low carb and VLC but my mood tanks every time. I am also in the recovery phase from thyroid and adrenal insufficiency, so want to be careful of energy levels. Having said all that, I'm about 26kg overweight and really struggling to lose. I've been primal for over 3 years and the only loss I've experienced is through the low carb process, which is not only unsustainable from a mood perspective, but has meant that I've had rebound carb binges that have put back most of the weight loss.

                        The portion sizes have always baffled me about the PHD! I don't understand the percentages, or even what kind of daily intake to aim for. I have the book, so I'll revisit the details and see if I can come up with what a day of PHD eating actually looks like.
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                          I'm so happy to read what everyone is doing. I've been eating some sweet potato but more like 4 ounces, not a pound. I've yet to add white rice. I'm warming up to the ideas. I find it so difficult to switch from close to 25 years of lower carb to eating more starch. That said, I'm loving the BAS salads. I know I'm going in the right direction and don't intend to stop. I'm picking up rice and Bob's potato starch tomorrow. Maybe a few Yukon gold as well. I have a two day seminar this week. I think I'll wait till after that to try the PS.

                          Question: with 60-90 minutes of exercise, I appear to gain weight if I eat over 1200 calories. Should I be trying to eat more? I'm medicated hypothyroid with an outrageously busted metabolism.


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                            Originally posted by Jac View Post
                            The portion sizes have always baffled me about the PHD! I don't understand the percentages, or even what kind of daily intake to aim for. I have the book, so I'll revisit the details and see if I can come up with what a day of PHD eating actually looks like.
                            Ya, the book's language can get a little nerdy but the end result is pretty intuitive. A meal is roughly equal mass of protein food and starch food with ample vegetables, prepared with normal amounts of fat. The recipe photos on the website often comment on the macro split at the end.

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                              Originally posted by picklepete View Post
                              My resolution this year was to track expenses better. Any fellow cheapskates feel free to check my grocery receipts for reference points on PHD foods:

                              PHD on a budget
                              Wow. This is like something that I would start but about 1/4 of the way into it I would conclude it's too much work and give up. Impressive.

                              Also interesting in that I just assumed grocery prices would be a lot cheaper in MN vs. Southern California, but they're not. Of course, I don't shop at any big name grocery stores anymore. Just Sprouts (natural foods type store), Trader Joe's, Whole Foods and various ethnic markets.


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                                Have couple more questions to make it more clear for myself and maybe others

                                1) How important is seaweed? Where I live I can't find it. Could you substitue it with something (like iodised salt for example) or its not that important?

                                2) Regarding bone broths. Never made it and again can't find anywhere beef bones and tendons. Bunch of pork bones though. Is it good or not worht it if you can't get beef bones/tendons?