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    Can someone please explain why saturated fat is good for us, or maybe just not bad for us. I know it's all over this site but once mark starts getting into the science of it all my mind starts to wonder lol so if someone could explain it to me like i'm a child i'd really appreciate it!

    also, would it be okay to eat something like bacon every day?

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    I'm going to be a jerk and answer a question with a question.

    Why would saturated fat be bad for us? Humans have been eating animal fat (saturated) since before we were homo sapiens. Our ancestors preferred it to all other forms of food energy.

    I dunno, if you don't want to look at the science, or at least the articles that explain the science, then it'll be tough to explain it.

    Anyway, I eat bacon pretty much everyday and then fry up 3 eggs in the rendered bacon fat. I've done this almost everyday for the past couple months. I then top it off with a glass of raw milk. It's pretty much the best breakfast ever.


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      One reason it's good for us is that it makes up the lipid component of cell membranes and ensures their integrity: in a healthy individual, the cell membranes are made up of about 50 percent saturated fat. The saturated fats maintain the integrity of our cell membranes, keeping them stiff yet flexible.
      This ensures that the cells function smoothly in assimilating nutrients, eliminating toxins and keeping out viruses – which are actually harmless unless and until they enter our cells. On their own, viruses are unable to multiply and they will not cause any disease.

      Here's an article with a whole list of the benefits:


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        I suggest that you try the blog, not the forum, and search for 'saturated fat'. Lot of info there on all sorts of fats.
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