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Coconut oil vs butter



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  • Coconut oil vs butter

    Last edited by Krisli; 07-18-2015, 05:54 AM.

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    Originally posted by Krisli View Post
    What's the healthiest fat? I get so confused by all of these different "gurus" advicing differently - Paleoista aka Nell Stephenson doesn't like butter, but literally everyone else does. Confusing!
    Eat both. Make sure your coconut oil is unrefined and your butter is from grass fed cows.

    They are both quite healthy in different ways.
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      oh boy - that's a question that the forum debates a lot.

      I say yes - a small quantity - most days if not every day. 10-20 walnuts as an example.

      They are very dense with calories and contain no water - so it is easy to eat too many as they do not make your stomach feel full. So some people have trouble controlling the quantity they eat.
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        I say yes but again just moderate it. It's great to have in the house when you just want to throw something in your mouth and you don't have time to cook. Raw pecans are my fav

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          What's the healthiest fat?
          Anything with little polyunsaturated fat. Butter, coconut oil, and beef fat are all good. Cocoa butter is good, too, though it's more expensive and probably not worth the cost.

          And nuts - should I stay away? Or eat some daily?
          Stay away. Too much polyunsaturated fat.
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