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Healing SIBO: Tequila fast?

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  • Healing SIBO: Tequila fast?

    Any of you tried this?

    Healing SIBO with a tequila fast - Pretty Good Paleo
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    is she for real?

    but I felt super upbeat, and Ė weird Ė my sense of humor was enhanced. I think this must have been the ketones kicking in.
    that's called getting drunk

    I then started feeling some gastric distress. Different from the heartburn/pressure/dyspepsia feeling Iíve been having, though, so I think thatís a positive sign. I ended up vomiting copious amounts. I suspect the fructose in the lime juice gave the bacteria in my small intestine too much fuel, and thatís what caused the nausea. I will definitely leave the lime out next time; even though itís a sour fruit, there must have been enough carbs and fructose to feed the bugs. Iím sure I wouldnít have puked if it wasnít for the lime. Lesson learned.
    stage 3 drunkenness?

    After the vomiting, I experienced a profound calmness. I was so relaxed I actually fell over a couple of times! Then I fell asleep right on the bathroom floor, and slept soundly and deeply without even the comfort of a bed. Usually I need a certain kind of pillow to sleep well, but last night my head was just wedged behind the toilet, and I felt too comfortable to even move.
    yeah i do too after being sick

    Until this morning, anyway. I feel simply awful this morning, which can only mean that there there has been a massive die-off of the unwelcome bacteria in my small bowel. I was hoping to starve them out, but I had no idea it could happen so quickly!

    what in the world?

    eta i followed links. it appears to be a joke, thank god.
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    yeah you are

    Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.


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      This must be a joke. If not, the bitch be cray cray. If so, it's a nice little piece of satire on the stupidity of people on the interwebz

      I cackled at the idea that lime had too much in the way of carbs but tequila must be great for gastric distress. Especially when drunk without food or accompaniment.

      I still can't help but think, though, that all these chilluns are just frickin amateurs at bending.


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        That is satire.



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          Ok, tried it.
          It works even better than the Nutella diet!
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