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How dangerous are trace amounts of gluten?



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  • How dangerous are trace amounts of gluten?


    How dangerous are trace amounts of gluten (eg in chocolates where it says on the label that it may contain traces of gluten)?

    Have been trying to be 100% grain-free for a year, but it is rather complicated. Quitting grain products has improved my general energy levels, at the same time, I have not noticed any overt consequences after inadvertently ingesting gluten.

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    I think you will live unless you have a severe allergy. Trace amounts of bad things in everything we eat....
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      Yeah, unless you have a severe allergy to gluten, provided that your gut is in good shape (aka not leaky), it will do nada.
      I personally know the difference:
      - a couple of months off gluten, accidental ingestion of a little amount made feel like shit
      - today, after 2.5 years on a clean diet, emphasizing prebiotic foods and gut health promoting stuff like gelatin, gluten triggers nothing. But I still don't eat it, I just see no point in eating wheat when I could eat gazillions of other more nutritious and pleasurable foods