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    I recently began consuming organic, raw, cacao powder after reading so much about the benefits it offers. I disolve a little less than a tablespoon in a cup of hot water with a little less than a quarter cup of coconut milk. If I have time, I add a teaspoon of coconut oil to the mixture and throw it in the blender.

    I was thrilled with the results I experience after I started consuming this regularly: I'm an anxious person and I feel relaxed. I'm chronically congested and my sinuses seem to instantly clear up when I drink this stuff.

    But after researching different brands of raw, organic cacao on Amazon, I noticed many commenters complaining about high levels of Cadmium in one brand, that were verified from an organization called Consumer Lab (which I have never heard of before).

    Chronic exposure to high levels of cadmium can lead to kidney failure (already a scary prospect I face as a diabetic) and softening of bones (severe osteoporosis runs in my family so I want to steer clear of anything that exacerbates it).

    WHat should I do? Should I stop drinking my raw cacao elixirs?? Are there brands that are more pure than others that folks can suggest? I'm totally conflicted.

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    Here is a thread elsewhere Cadmium contamination in cacao products - Page 2 - CR Practice - CR Society Forum with some good info on the subject. Consumer Labs charges for access, maybe someone who is a member could toss a few names out to you. Keep in mind that CL is a for profit business, to that end you might want to read this Evaluating The Evaluators from Consumer Lab.

    I've been using Navitas Cacao which was bad before it become ok. Sigh, it is tough eating and living on this polluted planet.