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Reversing Alzheimer's



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  • Reversing Alzheimer's

    Post 327 of the Weekend Link Love contained an intriguing reference to a nutritional program for reversing Alzheimer's through a 36 component program that encourages a Primal lifestyle (Sleep! Exercise! Mental stimulation! Nutritional intervention!). I compared the Damage Control Master Formula with the recommendations made in the study. From what I can see, Damage Control seems to cover all the nutritional bases. However, I'm wondering if there are additional or increased amounts of certain nutrients a person at risk should consider and what blood tests one should done to implement this program. Unfortunately, I feel a need to be ready for push back from my MD when I approach her about trying this. Would anyone else be interested in asking Mark to review this study and do a formal post in MDA?

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    Last summer UCLA published a research paper (Journal of Aging; Volume 8, Issue 6; pp1250 - 1258 "Reversal of cognitive decline in Alzheimer's disease") the results of an amazing (at least coming from Western Medicine) that Diet and Exercise can reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer's.