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Is Enjoy Life Foods primal friendly?

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  • Is Enjoy Life Foods primal friendly?

    Are Enjoy Life Foods primal-friendly? Their website is

    I'm sure not about all of the products but some must be okay, right?

    They are all gluten-free, dairy-free, peanut-free, soy-free, egg-free, and casein-free, which works for me since I am intolerant of all of those.

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    Chocolate Chip Cookies -

    Sorghum Flour; Grape, Apple and Pear Juice Concentrates; Brown Pure Cane Sugar; Date Paste; Chocolate Chips (Evaporated Cane Juice, Chocolate Liquor, Non-Dairy Cocoa Butter); Expeller Pressed-Vegetable Oil (Safflower Oil and/or Sunflower Oil); Water; Natural Rice Dextrin; Xanthan Gum; Baking Soda; Salt; Vanilla; Rosemary Extract

    Sorghum - dunno but think it's a grain, so no
    Apple and Pear juice concentrates - BIG NO (fructose)
    Brown Pure Cane Sugar - NO
    Date Paste - dates in theory ok but they are a high-sugar fruit so no
    Chocolate Chips (Evaporated Cane Juice, Chocolate Liquor, Non-Dairy Cocoa Butter) - gah, not even real chocolate

    Expeller Pressed-Vegetable Oil (Safflower Oil and/or Sunflower Oil) - NO NO NO NO AAAGGH NOOOOOO

    Water - oh yay! Finally a primal ingredient

    Natural Rice Dextrin - don't know what it is, so chances are I don't want to eat it
    Xanthan Gum - ditto
    Baking Soda - that's okay
    Salt - yep
    Vanilla - yep
    Rosemary Extract - yep

    Not looking good, is it? Basically this is pre-packaged grain-based high-sugar high-sucrose stuff that isn't much better than conventional junk. Possibly in a dire emergency (like if my kitchen blew up) they would do as a gluten-free option for the kids lunchboxes. Otherwise, no.

    Get thee to the kitchen, young grokkette, and cook thee some real bloody food!


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      haha ok thanks, I was just wondering!
      I'm just surrounded by non-primal goodies (cakes, cookies, cereals, snacks...mmm) all the time as no one else in my family is primal, and sometimes the temptation is extremely hard to resist!


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        All refined grains are awash with antinutrients and lectins and thus devoid of nutrients, but rich in GI irritation. If you're intolerant to all of that (as am I save for eggs) you're probably going to want to just avoid grains, legumes, and anything processed all together. if you're really craving baked goods in your transition you'll find some pretty decent coconut flour recipes around here and maybe Jimmy Moore's site.
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          Do you have any coconut flour recipes you could share? I have found one that was good (Lemon Poppyseed Muffins), but I've found all the others contain ingredients I can't eat. Even the muffins are a bit questionable because of the eggs, but I just deal with the slight indigestion and bloating that result.


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            Ooer yikes that's a tough one. You're the perfect candidate for orthodox paleo. I find you can make some pretty ballin' pudding will all paleo ingredients like coconut milk, shredded coconut, fruit, cocoa powder, stevia, avocado, almond meal, etc. It wouldn't be baked or the texture of grains but it would be yummy as heck.

            I sympathize, the transition is painful. I used to love to eat plain bread.

            Stabbing conventional wisdom in its face.

            Anyone who wants to talk nutrition should PM me!


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              Haha orthodox paleo? That's hilarious! And you're probably right. I guess I pretty much am paleo already since I avoid dairy, but I do include fats/oils in my diet.
              As far as the pudding goes, I can't digest coconut milk or almond meal (any kind of nut product, actually)...but I might just have to experiment with the rest of those ingredients one of these days. Thanks for the idea and the sympathy!


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                oh that's a bummer not having eggs. Difficult.

                I've had a bit of a google without anything fabulous showing up. You might need to do some experimental baking in small portions, substituting ingredients.

                For a crunchy snack, nuts are good, and if you want sweet, have some along with a little dried or fresh fruit. I also like sweet potato chips and beetroot chips.

                Tablespoon of almond butter+tablespoon of shredded coconut + chopped dried apricot. Yum!

                Try to start regarding savory foods as a snack. Baked chicken legs eaten cold. YUUUUM.

                If you're really desperate, one of those pre-packed foods you linked to would probably be a better choice than something standard and allergen-containing, at least you're not going to make yourself too ill. But try not to Good luck!


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                  GAH no nut products either!!! heavens. That's cruel.

                  Baked chicken it is. And bacon. ...


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                    You are funny. This is going to sound ridiculous but I can't eat dried fruit for some reason, and red meats/fatty meats (like bacon) give me problems as well...but I am trying to eat more savory snacks. I recently discovered artichoke hearts which are delicious, and eating them with balsamic vinegar is great for my stomach.


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                      My ds is in a similar boat as you (no nuts--except coconut--seeds, gluten, dairy, soy, corn, also no oranges, strawberries, peanuts or chocolate...) but at least he *can* do eggs. I find making primal baked goods difficult for this reason (he can do some coconut flour baked goods b/c of the eggs so he's got that, but I've not been able to make a coconut flour cookie he likes...)

                      Not sure if you tolerate seeds at all (although a lot of enjoy life products use sunflower seeds, etc), but when my ds was ok w/ seeds, I used a blend of pumpkin and sunflower seeds (ground in a coffee grinder) to replace almond flour in some of the elana's pantry recipes. (Most of them include eggs though.) BUT, I bet you could use ground seed flours in place of almondmeal/coconut flour in some of the spunky coconut egg free recipes. Check out the link below for some ideas. Experimentation is really necessary in all of this...


                      And here are some pumpkin seed flour ideas if they are at all helpful (most include eggs again, but maybe you can get some ideas???)


                      In the long run, it's such a pain in the butt to replicate baked goods w/ so many food restrictions, while also trying to eat primally, that I find it not worth it for myself, but I am still working on perfecting a cookie recipe for my 3 year old that he can tolerate and that is also grain free...

                      Good luck!
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                        Geez Erin, you did cop some stray bad Karma there didn't you.

                        Can you list the things you know you tolerate well (everything you can think of) - that might give people some ideas to suggest?


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                          For example, I might try this recipe:

                          I'd try to switch the coconut and almond flours for ground pumpkin or sunflower seeds (or a combo of the 2), maybe palm oil or ghee (if you can do it) for the coconut oil, and leave out the chocolate chips, or use a really dark chocolate bar cut into chunks in place of them (if you can find one w/out soy--hard to do!), or use raisins, etc... You also might need less fat (oil) b/c almond flour/meal is defatted I think--again, all of this would require experimentation. And guar gum, although not really primal (I don't think), would be necessary for getting it to stick together w/out eggs.

                          Again, good luck!
                          My Before/After Pics
                          Are you new here? Be sure to check these links FIRST, before reading anything on the forum! Succeed & PB 101

                          "I am a work in progress." -Ani DiFranco