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Looking for resources to help me refine my diet!



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  • Looking for resources to help me refine my diet!

    First, I'm sorry if this post is inappropriate. I've tried for near a decade to live a healthier lifestyle (and ten years ago I didn't know that was possible). I'm pretty upset and I'm so sorry if I crossed the line.

    I've been around MDA for a while and signed up today really to throw something up in the air to forum members. It's complicated, I've seen 50+ doctors and my health is still deteriorating. I hope someone can help as I'm simply overwhelmed and thought to take the plunge and throw up a post. Doctors are prescriptive and I appreciate them, but much of the advice isn't working.

    Here's a brief history with main points only - there's lots inbeween:

    - 10 years ago: instant health problems with no known cause leaving me bedridden for years with various symptoms;

    - 9 years ago: diagnosed with post viral illness, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), advised from a specialist CFS isn't a 'real' illness, lost over 20kg in weight, lots of problems

    - 4 years ago: diagnosed with Pyrolle disorder

    - 2 years ago: changed to Paleo diet
    > diagnosed with Lyme disease (unfortunately my government doesn't recognise this illness and I can't get appropriate treatment - whether it's CFS or Lyme or both I'm simply unsure). I see a doctor shunned by the medical community and have taken antibiotics for the best part of 18 months with the "Paleo diet"

    <2 years: diagnosed/noticed (major issues only):
    > depression (prescribed Endep which I'm advised to stop now)
    > shoulder bursitis
    > Epstein-Barr
    > QFever
    > parvovirus
    > constant elevated histamine
    > adrenal fatigue
    > low testosterone (prescribed gel but doesn't work)
    > allergy (not severe - I hardly notice them): peanuts, dust mites
    > possible food intolerances
    > MTHFR genetic defect (detox pathway mutation) (use Optimized B group, magnesium, folate)
    probable mold/environmental/chemical/heavy metal toxification

    < 6 months
    > high cholesterol
    > fatty liver

    <3 months
    > significant chest, back, and throat pain similar to heart attack/angina (ruled out as causes)
    > difficulty swallowing, throat and chest feels like something stuck in them

    < 1 week
    > significant esophageal/stomach/intestine disorders of no apparent cause including:
    > oesophagitis
    > posterior laryngitis
    > duodenitis with haemorrhage
    > gastric mucosal abnormalities
    > advised by gastro specialist to make 'lifestyle choices' to avoid continued deterioration with emphasis on removing reflux-causing foods and drinks

    I thought my diet was impeccable other than milk (suggested somewhere over the years to drink high fat A2 milk as I don't eat much fat - I know I should. I don't drink, don't smoke, have a great diet, slightly over my BMI and I'm working on it, and I exercise when I can.

    I find many fats and oils unpalatable. My sources are usually olive oil when cooking, tree nuts and incidental fats such as in steak (I cut the outer fat off). I think this could be improved.

    I have about 50 other non-major issues such as poor dental health, rashes, unrelated chronic pain, and I've really tried to manage everything. I've stuck to the Paleo 95% of the time (usually fall flat on my face at Christmas) and other than milk it's simply a lifestyle instead of a diet.

    aaaaaaaaaaaaand that leads me to today where after all my hard work, sticking to the Paleo, exercising where possible (and this frequently lands me in bed), I'm still deteriorating and my intestinal system is getting worse. I'm writing this with unavoidable pain in my throat, chest, and abdomen.

    Nowhere else to go, have implemented everything doctors have advised, tried, tried, tried, so many doctors, specialists, dieticians, herbalists, other alternative therapies and here I am. Severely disheartened.

    Again, very sorry if this post is inappropriate. I'm reaching out and always had MDA as a credible source of information through my Paleo lifestyle. I think most people falling probably reach out somewhere.

    There's so many posts in MDA. Does anybody have any advice about how I can increase my chances of success considering my health? I want to get back hiking, camping, and all the good things I used to enjoy. Somehow I have to get my health back. I don't know what went wrong, where it's gone wrong, and how to fix it. Other than seeing doctor no 52, specialist 53, alternative therapy 54, I'm at a loss.

    All the best, sorry to take your time.

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    could the detox thing be the main cuplrit I wonder? Have you ben tested for heavy metals?

    What have you done in regards to the MTHFR? A lot of issues linked to B12 deficieny.
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