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    So I have to get my wisdom teeth removed this summer, and I was wondering a couple things, hoping perhaps some of you with experience on the subject could chime in.
    1) How long after wisdom tooth removal were you able to start eating meat and other such foods?
    2) How long after the removal were you able to lift again?

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    1. Don't remember exactly, but I think I was eating very tiny pieces of ham on the day after getting them removed. On the day of it, I just ate yogurt and mashed potatoes. My diet was completely normal again after less than a week.

    2. I took a week off, just to play it safe. I didn't get a dry socket, but they're apparently a PITA.
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      I got dry sockets. It sucked. I could barely eat for like 3 or 4 weeks. I lost almost 15 lbs.

      It sucked.

      I'm not much help, though. Some people are totally fine in like 2 days.


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        I didn't eat anything that night (evening surgery. ) The Percocet knocked me on my ass. The next day was soft foods, with steak that night. Like I said, Percocet was my friend. The day after, I was back to normal, just chewing om the other side.
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          I had all 4 widom teeth removed at once when I was in the military... and was eating in the chow hall... the day after my surgery they served pork ribs... I ate them, very gingerly, but I ate them. I recently had 2 teeth removed and was eating soft foods the next day, more solid foods the day after. Follow the advice of no smoking of spitting for several days after the procedure... as was previously mentioned, you really don't want to experience dry sockets..... baaaaad juju.... very painful....


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            I can't remember, I had them out almost 9 years ago. I do remember I had a lot of smoothies and ate too many fried eggs. I was sick of eggs for quite a while after that. It took a week for the swelling to go down. I didn't take the percocet after the first couple of days because it made me too groggy.
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              Thank you for all your replies!
              Yeah, Dry Socket doesn't sound very enjoyable, so I'll probably give it about a week before I get back in the gym. I think whilst my mouth is still sore and such, my diet will consist mainly of smoothies/milkshakes with protein powder.