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Goat kefir going like hot cakes in the UK



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  • Goat kefir going like hot cakes in the UK

    It's becoming fairly high profile, and there are a few articles appearing on it - for example:

    What is Kefir and Why Is It So Good for You? » EcoWatch

    It turns out that someone who makes it was on a radio show - Steve Wright - that's big in the UK.

    I found the lady's site. It's called The Chuckling Goat.

    I'm basically in favour of this kind of thing, but - as with Pete Evans and many others in the popular health space - I'm not sure she shouldn't cool it on the claims a little:

    Invaluable for restoring the good gut flora that are commonly destroyed by antibiotics, stress, sugar, and environmental toxins. Suitable for IBS, colitis, coeliac, diabetes, eczema, allergies, rosacea, psoriasis and auto-immune disorders.

    I hope the food safety or health authorities don't move in on her. I think the product probably could help some people with some conditions. But selling a food as a "21 day course" seems a little over the top.

    Also, frighteningly, we don't even begin to know what organisms antibiotics are wiping out. The idea that a goat-milk drink can restore all of what one may need but may have lost through antibiotics is pie in the sky. Some of these organisms are likely specific to humans and co-evolved with them, so unfortunately you can't get them by drinking goat milk or playing in the dirt or kissing dogs. We'll likely end up, in a decade or two, having to restore them from people whose flora has not yet been impacted too badly.

    But good luck to her.

    I've just found this:

    Interesting - the Mail (a sort of middle-brow newspaper in the UK) often has health-related articles, and often fairly full and well-written ones that are neither credulous nor over-sceptical in tone. I guess that in itself is an indication of reasonably wide public interest in these matters.
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