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  • Confused with calories

    Hi there!

    I’m a woman (28 years, 5' 10", 148 pounds) who followed the PB diet for the last three years with great interest and amazing results. I was never overweight (I was at my heaviest 5 years ago, weighting 165 pounds, passing through a rough time and bingeing on carbs). In my research looking for the the best diet to make me feel great and look great, I also read Julia Ross' book ("The Diet Cure") in which she states that The World Health Organization has established that starvation begins at fewer than 2,100 calories per day and determines its guidelines for emergency food aid: 2,300 calories for women and 2,500 for men.
    Eating primal, I have never counted my calories. But out of curiosity i've done that recently and I found out that I eat around 2000 calories a day, sometimes less, sometimes a little more (around 100 carbs). I exercise 30 minutes a day (HIIT once a week, eliptical bike, running, squats, aerobic exercises), 4-5 days a week. I am never hungry, I have great energy to carry out daily activities and I never get sick. Will my body get weak over time and deteriorate due to "lack of calories"? Because according to the World Health Organization, it seems like I'm starving myself.
    Thanks in advance!


    P.S.: please excuse my English (it's not my native language)

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    Lol. No, you will be just fine. I don't know Julia Ross, but if that is truly in her book I disagree with her and would need to see the citation for the world health organization.


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      The WHO has to deal with averages. And a lot of the calories they supply would be in low quality form... non-perishables like wheat and rice. Not to mention that a lot of the people they are helping might be engaged in heavy activity... I can't be sure about that but if they are subsistence farming, well, that takes a lot of work. Anyway, I wouldn't worry about this at all.
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        Calories are confusing because we try to apply logic to a false premise and too many exceptions emerge. Ignore the WHO guidelines.

        Aside from pleasure, we eat for energy and to furnish the components of body structure and chemical makeup. If your energy levels are such to allow you to do what you want and you're able to keep your body composition where you want it and keep your hormones/enzymes balanced, you're doing fine regardless of calories.
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          I don't think your body is gonna deteriorate and get weak due to the lack calories over time. Most people don't eat according to calories and just eat to satisfy the hunger to go on with their day.
          As long as you eat healthy and fill your stomach from time to time,you're gonna be fine.