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  • Four months

    Well it's been four months been on plan roughly 85_90% of the time and here is what I have to report I have dropped fifty two pounds, I'm the strongest I have been in almost ten years. There have been alot of ups and downs because I am also separating from my kids mother during this and ending a sixteen year drinking habit that would have killed me in the end and have been balancing taking care of my two kids homework housework my own job and exercising regularly and still managing to squeeze in time in there to improve myself mentally as well as physically and start the process of emotionally preparing myself to possibly start dating again and meeting new people. The only thing that is impossible is what we tell ourselves we can't do. Everything I have described above if we could hop in a time machine I would have told you were "impossible" six months ago it just takes dedication. By far the heaviest and hardest workout I do is lifting my fork and spoon. I still have another thirty pounds to lose but that will come soon enough, my sleeping still needs improving upon and I need to learn how to relax I'm the constant planner and worrier and working on changing that as well. But all in all I am the healthiest and happiest I have been in years. Thanks for reading

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    It was a pleasure reading your post.

    Congratulations on your success. Sorry that you're going through some other tough personal issues, but recapturing your health will make the impossible, probable.

    Your reference to the need to improve your sleep really stood out from your other points; your success with diet is fabulous, but your longer term health improvement absolutely hinges on recapturing that ability to heal and restore yourself with good sleep. Make it a priority, above all else.

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      WOW!! great job!!!!!

      i too am struggling with some devastating personal challenges and sleep is by far the hardest portion of primal to get dialed in for me. honestly, anxiety-related insomnia has plagued me about forever, but these last months have been extra hard. i have some downloads of guided meditation for sleep that have helped a lot. i have also been taking valerian before bed and ashwagandha 2x a day and both seem to help. let's at least say i feel it when i don't take them.

      best of luck to you.
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