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Best pre-made broth? Best canned soup?



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  • Best pre-made broth? Best canned soup?

    I'm basically not a warm drink drinker, but if I were a warm drink drinker, how much could a warm drink drinker drink?

    But seriously, I would like to have some broth around for those times when I want something warm. I tried buying the broth from the store, but it was so tasteless. Saltness, fatless, proteinless, vitamin/mineral-less. They all came in these cartons with small pour spouts. Is there a brand or type of product that I'm missing?

    If nothing else, I can just keep canned soup around, I guess. Also, any recommendations on canned soup would be great too. I'm more of a Progresso guy than a Campbell's guy, and I don't find the Wolfgang Puck or store brand varieties to be anything special. I know the Paleo community is a little unique, so I thought I'd ask if there was anything that I was missing!
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    Stock can be judged by the protein content on the label. Most manufacturers try to dilute it to a minimum then make up the difference with salt and flavorings, especially beef broth (often <1g per cup, should be closer to ~5g). I've heard Kitchen Basics is okay.

    Canned soup is disappointing. In the long run it's probably best to cook & store big pots of homemade vegetable soup as a basic routine. Several evenings per week I microwave a bowl and garnish with a chopped scallion--feels nice and civilized.

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      Yeah, I buy Kitchen Basics Beef Broth. It seems heartier than other brands, but still isn't much to write home about. As it warms up on the stove, I add seasonings - salt for sure, and usually a tablespoon of gelatin to give it some body. Then it's a blank slate and much more appropriate for actually turning into a meal.


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        trader joe's makes decent broth but food cost is outrageous and flavor utterly inferior vs. home-made, so...
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