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  • mild headaches

    Hey guys,

    so I have noticed that lately I have a mild headache when I wake up, more frequently (as in more mornings during the week, once or twice). it's not crippling, but it's annoying, and I never really used to have them.

    I have tried to figure out if anything that I eat the previous night might be the culprit, but haven't really seen any pattern.

    Any idea what could be the cause? Thanks.

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    Where specifically is the pain coming from, what do you usually do to get rid of it, and how soon does it go away?
    Have you checked how much water you drink? Seems like dehydration is often the culprit for headaches. If that's a possibility, you could try drinking a glass of water first thing, to see if that gets rid of it more quickly. If that works, you may consider drinking more throughout the day.


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      maybe there is a tiny monkey living inside your head but he sleeps all day?

      seriously? this is impossible for us to answer, lol. could be dehydration, could be an electrolyte imbalance, could be an allergy to dust mites or your laundry soap, could be your bedroom is too dry...
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        Along with above could be neck misalignment and being it is in the morning it may be associated with the pillow you use.


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          haha thanks guys. I was wondering if there could be more obvious culprits.

          Vagirl, I am not sure if dehydration is the cause. I drink plenty of fluids. Typically the headache goes away during the day, the morning after I wake up with one. Typically gone by early afternoon.


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            Headaches are notoriously hard to diagnosis.
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