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Starting 21 Day Transformation During a Fast



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  • Starting 21 Day Transformation During a Fast

    Hello Everyone.

    I don't know what the odds of Mark seeing this is, but I am a Baha'i and we start our 19 day fast in a few days. Fasting occurs between sunrise and sunset.

    I don't want to wait to start my plan, and I honestly think it isn't going to matter to much. But that period between sunrise and sunset is also liquid free. I am wondering when and if I should mess with exercises during this period, other than walks.

    Thanks for your time,

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    If it were me, I'd pass on the exercise.
    I don't know if you would in some fashion over tax your system by doing the exercise, but for me I'm pretty certain I could not handle the thirst I'd have if I couldn't drink anything.
    Finally have given up on MDA Forum.
    My friends, I'll see ya at where I'm user #4, and we do have a moderator.