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Law #7: How did you Play today?

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  • Playing today

    Today I played with the cutest little ShitziPoo boy puppy named Muffie. Yeah, he's gonna have some gender identity issues. This evening I went swimming. Not a bad day!
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    • We went to the park again with the girls, had rip loads of fun. My dh is getting very active lately, its kind of nice Came back and threw the frisbee around, realized we locked ourselves out. Played frisbee some more to pass time before my dh had to climb in through the balcony. Let the kids in and kept playing frisbee. Can you tell we are enjoying our $2 investment? lol
      Calm the f**k down.


      • Danced to music!
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        • Yesterday, I went on my first canoe excursion and paddled for 2 hours (4 miles). I loved it so much I signed up for next Saturday's 11 mile trip.

          Later in the day, I spent over 2.5 hours standing, walking & heckling (and sweating!) at a Neo-Nazi counter-protest. This was an interesting experience on so many levels.

          I have no pain today - which is amazing. My slow strength training is really paying off for me!