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    O.k. Ive been primal for over 4 months now. However In my old CW, I had given up red meat & pork about 4 years ago. Well now since I fcant for the life of me find a good reason not to eat red meat, I took the bull by the horns (no joke) & ate a grass fed ny strip, & it was really good. I took garlic & pesto, salt & pepper & melted organic butter in a dish with the seasonings, & than basted the steaks. WOW. My daughter was so happy to have asteak, that she actually said it was better than the strip @ The Capital Grill. I wouldnt know, I had the fish that night. So it was pretty good, but I dont think it will be a main staple in my diet. However it is now easier for me to go out with others, & go to peoples homes for dinner without making them uncomfortable. I might have to do the bacon thing this weekend though.
    "Don't dream it, be it"

    -Dr. Frank-N-Furter