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Cooking in toaster oven?

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  • Cooking in toaster oven?

    My electric bill has gone up quite a bit in the last two months. I'm sure part of that is the insane heat we've been having, and I've been working from home (so I keep the house cooler during the day than I would otherwise)...

    But - I also realized it's because I'm cooking now (rather than just microwaving frozen meals and eating out)!

    I think a good deal of the extra cost is from running the oven!

    Since I'm only cooking for one - I'm wondering if a toaster oven would be more efficient, and still work out ok? Anyone with experience here? I'm mostly cooking crustless quiches (~50min in the oven), fish (~10-35 minutes depending on the fish), and some veggies...

    Seems like it could work?


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    I love using the "toaster" (heats from top and bottom) setting on my toaster oven to broil/bake meats & veggies. Couldn't be happier.

    edit: also, it does cook things faster, need to keep an eye on it at first to figure out the new cooking times


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      Cool, thanks - I wasn't sure that it would handle "real meals", since it's so small (although I guess "real meals" for one aren't exactly huge either!)

      It looks like I need to find one... the super high electric bills are just nuts, and I suppose I should have known that having the oven on, for hours, in the middle of a heatwave, with the air conditioner trying to keep things cool - was not a very frugal thing


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        Anything you can cook in an oven, you can cook in the toaster oven (unless it's a whole chicken or turkey) I used the one at my parents when I lived at home. We didn't have air conditioning, so mom would cool a couple of pork chops or chicken breasts/legs in the toaster oven. It didn't heat up the apartment as much and it tasted just as good. Good luck!
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          Thanks. I might buy a toaster oven now. One question: Can you make jerky in a toaster oven or will the temp be too high?
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            I've been wondering about using my toaster oven instead of a microwave to reheat leftovers. I need to find a way to have it on my counter all the time, which I really dislike - maybe I should just chuck the microwave, put the t.o. in its place, and be forced to use it! The microwave is only used for leftovers now, thankfully!
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              We have a convection toaster oven, which is great. We use the toaster oven as much as the regular oven.
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                I almost never use my big oven -- everything gets cooked in the toaster oven. I paid $2 for mine at a garage sale, and it's a workhorse -- I use it daily. Maybe some day when I get a job I'll think about upgrading to something with some bells and whistles, but for the time being this thing rocks. It has a timer on it that turns itself off after the time is up, so I never have to worry about leaving it on accidentally. And I like chicken cooked in it much better than the big oven -- maybe all that air circulating around makes the skin dry out or something? Crispy and juicy in the TO. Toaster oven, cast-iron skillet, crock-pot. Micro for re-heating. I am a household of one, and these are my every-day kitchen tools.


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                  I have always been a huge fan of the toaster oven! I bought one for work & stored the regular toaster. I bake pieces of fish or chicken to add to my BAS for lunch. I cook bacon in it. At home I use mine to toast up nuts, coconut & whatnot for what I'm making. You can roast a game hen in one. I got a 6-hole muffin tin & I bake eggs in that in the oven.
                  I could go on & on... Spend time browsing looking for one that is a little larger & a bit higher wattage; spend a bit more - you get what you pay for in the new ones. I have a Black & Decker that works quite well. I would l-o-v-e to have one of those convection ones however


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                    Since it's just two of us at home I never use the oven. We have a convection toaster oven (I think it's a Cuisinart) from Lowe's that works wonders. I can easily cook two cornish hens in there or roast vegetables or cook some bacon (I'm limited on the number of frying pans here...). If I cook roasts or whole chickens, I just put them in the slow cooker, other than that it's all the toaster oven!
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                      Awesome! Thanks everyone.

                      Yup, I'm going to have to find space for it in my tiny kitchen (yikes) but it sounds like it would be hugely helpful.

                      I wish I could get one of those microwaves that mounts over the oven, so I could free up that bit of counter space for the toaster oven! I have a vent over the oven though - not sure how the microwave would work without messing up the venting?

                      Looks like I might be shopping this weekend, at any rate! Thanks!


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                        we have a convection toaster oven that I use almost every day. You can do chicken wings, legs, thighs perfectly, as well as fish and leftovers in a glass ovenproof container. I love the thing. The only thing I nuke these days is precooked breakfast sausage because it's just super easy that way and I haven't used my actual oven more than once or twice a month lately. I think using the oven every day could definitely shoot up your electric bill! the price of a toater oven might cost you what you would pay in one or two bills but then it would work out to be a savings.