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Anyone try or sleep on an Ikea Mattress

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  • Anyone try or sleep on an Ikea Mattress

    I am trying to find a good replacement mattress?

    I tried them in the store and they felt great for the 15-20 minutes I was on it.

    Anyone actually own one ?

    I am considering the Sultan Flokennes or the Sultan Engenes

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    I had one - a year later it was excruiciatingly uncomfortable. It really didn't last. Perhaps they've improved - that was 8 years ago.


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      I treid one in store a loved it, after a few days of using it wasn't pleased. The stiff foam material seemed like a good base to lie on, but the nature of the body moulding foam seemd to allow my lower spine to sink down a bit (I lie on my side) and I would wake with lower back discomfort.

      I prefer basic but well made mattresses spring based with a flat surface. Just my opinion though

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        Same here, had one and did not care for it over time. Too hot in summer and generally uncomfortable.


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          I sleep on an Ikea mattress, its alright.... if you can spring for something else though, I'd suggest something else.


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            My husband and I have an ikea mattress, and we love it! At first we felt that it was pretty firm (it is) but we've actually never had any back pain with it and now find other beds too soft! If you saw Mark's post on primal sleeping, it appears firmer Ikea mattresses might not be a bad idea!

            Good luck!


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              I sleep on one. It's ok - what I could afford.
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                I had one, it sunk in after a year or so. Honestly Id opt for a much firmer, no spring substitute if possible. They are made very cheaply.
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                  Check out . I have a several clients and friends who love theirs and that's what I'm getting real soon.


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                    My husband and I sleep on a fairly firm IKEA mattress. No complaints from either of us. This is also my second mattress from IKEA.
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                      I have an Ikea mattress & I love it. Its relatively soft tho, I do better with a soft mattress & firm pillows.