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  • Question on sell by dates etc

    Hello you lot

    Was just reading a blog post "when do foods really go bad?" Where mark was discussing when foods really go bad, and I was quite surprised to be honest, so much so that i'd like some second opinions
    "Most products are good for at least a week after the “sell by” date."
    "Most foods have at least a week, if not more, of “safety” beyond the date."
    "Cream, milk, cottage cheese, and sour cream are generally safe for about 10 days after the date on the label. "
    "Week-old milk or three-week-old eggs will not harm you, "

    i've been made to believe since a child from my mum to really watch the dates on foods and throw out anything that pass that date.
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    There are two types of dates. A "sell by" date and a "best if used before" date. The sell by date is for the grocery store, they have to sell the product to somebody by that date. So therefore it's good for some time after that date as it wouldn't make sense to sell it to you the same day it goes bad, right? It can depend, but usually you're good for a week or so...

    Now a best used before date is different. That is basically telling you when you should be done using the product.. it's more of an expiration date.

    Of course there are actual expiration dates as well, which are self-explanatory!
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      I just rely on instinct more than the dates. I find it a lot more reliable to judge if the food is good to eat by its smell alone, usually. The "best used before" dates are usually accurate, but I'll never break the habit of testing the food myself. Use your senses first and foremost!


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        I go by smell and sight after the expiration date, and maybe a quick taste. Some stuff is good waaay beyond the expiration date. Use your judgment. We didn't *always* have expiration dates on our foods. :-O
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          +1, say_rahhh.

          I have picked up some pretty heinous things, way before their "sell-by" date. I am sure at least once, I would have died if I hadn't smelled my shrimp first (thank you, Trader Joes > ). Everything depends on how perishables are shipped and stored...pull date is just a convenience.


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            It also makes a huge difference if the item is opened. You can buy bacon that is "good" for months. But once the package is opened, most everything is good for something between a few days to about week (maybe two for some things).


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              thanks for the advice peeps. Guess i'll be throwing a little less out each week. It all counts

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                You all seem to be talking about perishables like milk and eggs.

                If you're talking about canned're probably good for an extra year or two.


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                  Yes, smell test. I don't really pay attention to expiration dates on things already in my fridge.


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                    I always figure they're going to pad things a little to cover their butts, so if it's not too far past and it seems fine, I eat it.
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                      Yeah, I smell everything.

                      Eggs degrade in quality for a while before they go bad. So you're good for a while past those. And believe me, your nose won't let you eat an egg that's gone bad.


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                        You can also test eggs by seeing if they float in water. The older they get, the more air gets in, and the more they float. So if it's a floater it's stale.

                        I live in the US and I think we throw away way too much perfectly good food in this country.


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                          Looks like PB Law #10 comes into play: use your brain!

                          Great post everyone!

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